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Crafting costs of legendary troops (solved... Vangor is silly lol)

So in order to not derail the dev Q&A thread i am continuing this conversation here.

So 5 minutes ago i looked at the cost of crafting legendary troops in response to the above post…

800 diamonds each?!? Thats preposterous!!

So to craft enough of them to mythic it would cost 4.8k!! I can craft 2 base mythics for that!

So here we go everyone buckle up! Prepare to see me make a post that is so incredibly rare one would think it is impossible.


Devs please nerf the diamond cost of crafting legendary troops!

Edit: i am a dummy! I was wrong about the cost of a mythic lol

Not often I disagree with you, but 800 diamonds for a Legendary troop is not that bad. If you gonna mythic it it will be expensive I agree, but that is rational. 800 diamonds to be able to get a copy of a troop that you are missing is not that bad.


You do realize that ascension from legendary to mythic eats 5 cards, for a total of 4k gems, right? And that crafting a base mythic costs exactly the same, 4k gems. Math, it’s not just a good idea. :wink:

Yes but you need 6 copies to ascend to mythic hence the 4.8k

Mathing is one of the few things i am good at

Which still makes me wonder which special deal allows you to get two base mythics for that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m also of the option that with a Mythic is ‘priced’ at 4k diamonds, a Legendary for 800 is in the ballpark of appropriately priced.

This is NOT a comment about the rate of Diamonds a player can collect.

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Arent the mase mythics (except xanth) 2000 diamonds each?

Alas no, they are 4k


Lol my mistake… I have never really looked and i just checked here

And that is correct. 4k each😕

Lol idk where i got that they were 2k each hahahah im a dummy


You are right lol

The cost of a mythic being 4k diamonds makes all the difference in the world! I now agree 800 is an appropriate cost for a legendary troop.

Disregard this statement i officially retract it! Lol


You are not being silly Brudda Goodwill, you just didnt drink enough coffee for today! :wink:



Quite true brudda lol

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So… Should i drop the 1.6k diamonds on the 2 imps i dont have or save for the mythic i want?

save for the mythic you want. Dont go for the imps yet, wait at least for them to get a rework.


But there are sooooo many legendaries that they may never come back to the forge…

if you planning to use the imps go for it. :wink:

Lol no… They are useless as they are now but i still want them. They will both be in chests soon tho so maybe i should try for them that way first…

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yeah but it doesnt haste getting them, they doesnt count towards PL kingdom either.

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Thats true… Thanks brudda. I will save for aby infernus or ele!