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[Fixed] Cant craft deeds in forge!

Switch update 4.8.0

writs were added in adventure board and epic task yet
the soulforge has no way to craft them in other

I do have lots of jewels and enough souls as Ive crafted them before on xbox.

Please add them to the game in the soulforge

100 wirt= 1 deeds
do you have enough?

no i have 30 just realized i need more
might still be a bug need to comfirm when i get 100
devs have an easier way to check

another player confirmed its not there and they have over 100 deeds

Also not seeing it.

Soulforge craftables appear in the list regardless of whether or not you currently have the materials for them. Deeds are just entirely missing right now, no matter how many writs we have.

its all fixed now

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