[Fixed] Buy tiers I-VI option actually buying tiers I-VII

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
For the weekly event, select the buy tiers I-Vi option for 1350 gems. 1850 gems are removed. The number of event sigils received and a potion of power, shows the button is actually buying tiers I-VII.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
After purchasing any tier, the option disappears, no way to accurately test. The option is new after the weekly reset (07/24.)

Steps to make it happen again
Again, not possible to repeat on the same gamertag.


Hi, thank you so much for reporting this, the team are working on getting a fix out as fast as possible right now.

I’ve made a known issues article here that can be followed for notifications when there’s an update about the issue:

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Are you going to be refunding those of us who’ve lost gems because of this? I didnt want to buy the extra tier


Yes, based on battles left (52) tiers 1-7 purchased, not tiers 1-6
Return 500 gems back! I can spend them elsewhere, not to buy in-game bugs :imp:

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I know we’ll be doing something to help those who spent Gems on this one tomorrow during regular business hours but I don’t have details yet. We’ll definitely update you tomorrow with the details.

Right now it’s after hours so we have just the staff who are fixing the issue available.


How exactly does the company plan to find out about all users that possibly clicked that button and were robbed?

Players should under no circumstances have to re-check about such wrong subtractions themselfes and also users can’t all be expected to “notice” this (lets for now just call it a) “flaw” by the providing company.

You also can’t expect players to create a forum account or turn in support tickets for this, since once it was made clear that you’re already always drowning in support tickets.

Also this situation needs a quick resolution and “refunds” because some players could miss out on upcoming daily events they may have planned on playing and investing their gems elsewhere.

Find a way to ensure everyone gets those irregularly removed gems back, also despite maybe having played all sigils that were handed out without asking of the players that were involved in this “fail” that isn’t a player-sided fault at all.

Surely of the remaining available staff that is on the situation, fixing it, there is one person that is capable of informing about the situation when fixed plus how it is being handled, right? Surely can be done without everyone having to wait until someone decides to return back to office?

Just another small hint: If you guys would find a way to do the daily or weekly reset within your office hours, such bugs that not just occasionally happen, but weekly, could be solved by a few more persons rather quickly. I know, that is not a new idea, but seemingly didn’t reach management yet. Or if it was declined, it would be neato freeto to have an explanation on the “why”.

Glad I didn’t make that click in my pure greed of that luxorious red bubble, but this is awful for everyone that made that gems exchange click unsuspecting of the consequences.


Yes, the help center article linked above mentions there’s no need to contact support and to follow for notifications when there’s an update to the issue, and that’s why I’m here, to provide updates as we have them :slight_smile:

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FWIW, between the sigils and the first item in the items receive list for the purchase was the potion of power, the issue was not very difficult to spot.

If you can also move the button from being the first slot. Many people can accidentally hit it thinking it’s tier 1 like it’s been for years. Thanks.


As long as this buggy situation is active the “option” to click this button should be removed completely. Certain things can be done. Happened with the recent pre-release of the legends reborn event which rather quickly got deactivated fully. Just to prevent that excuse of “not possible”.


any basic game analytic system would track in-game purchases, and in a game so microtransaction focused as Gems of War, they absolutely track who buys what, how often, and when.

The game I work on tracks down to the precise location where they died, when, and how often, so we can address game balance, it’s not difficult thankfully :grinning:


50 gems as a compensation, case closed?


Sounds like a dream job, I hope at least the pay is good. :woozy_face:

While we are on the topic of issues that could easily have been prevented, the event captain (Slughoarder) for Invasion next week still has the Godslayer trait instead of the Siegebreaker trait. Yes, the troop hasn’t been released yet, which means there’s only a 99% chance (rounded down) that the event will kick off with it’s main new feature, double scoring, coming broken right out of the box. I’ll pass on opening a bug report to raise awareness, that’s only good for getting barked at for not trusting in QA.



So there is no point in currently buying this as it rips us off?

Never trust a free orb gift (that will most likely turn out to be brown or green anyway) and you’ll have good chances of being safe.
nah, jk. hihi
Obviously if you plan on buying more than advertised tier I-VI you can just do that click and enjoy the red bubble that comes with it.

Yeah, I just want the orb on the off chance of getting ascension, as I need 1 of those to get the new boss troop (for my last orb of power). I know I’ll probably end up with a useless one. When I loot mythics they are also useless or doubles 9 times out of 10 xD

Hi all,

The issue has been fixed.

We will update the help center article with compensation plans tomorrow during business hours (Tuesday AEST).


seems i got caught out too. i have a potion of power i never intended to buy

Was this bug last week too? But no one noticed :see_no_evil: