[Fixed] Buy tiers I-VI option actually buying tiers I-VII

Dont forget to add 77 souls to the compensation. :sweat_smile:


I got the bug also. Didn’t want Tier VII, should I not use those 20 extra Sigils if a refund is planned?


Fellow player here, but you can always use what is mistakenly given to you. This has been the case in every past mistake like this I can think of. They can’t punish you for their error, especially since this time you paid the fee!

“No support tickets” needed also has to mean that it is trackable who made that click (and got robbed). The additional unwanted and wrongfully charged tier has to be refunded fully. Not lower, and especially not with a “sorry here’s 50 gems” message. Question is then since when is such a tracking of things internally available and should it have been unveiled to be used previously even? Keep in mind to also refund anyone that might have been dragged into negative gems (it is a possibility!).

So many questions.

I’m actually so interested in the compensation plan here :wink:
Looking forward to the “business hours (Tuesday AEST)” with hopefully the only right action there is to be done and a explanation.

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Hi all,

For everyone who used the “Buy Tiers I - VI” option in the World Event Shop last night between 5pm - 8pm AEST, we will be sending a 500 Gem refund. You will also keep the rewards from Tier VII that were included as part of this pack mistakenly.

I’m waiting for an ETA on when this will be sent out to everyone, I’ll update again once I have the time.


Since before the game launched. Online games always track actions and data from the app you play on your device in order for the game to run smoothly and to allow us to provide support. We need to record when you make a purchase so that the game knows to send you what you purchased.

Here is the privacy policy linked in the settings menu in game:

There will be similar privacy policies for most of the apps and online games on your devices.


Is by “purchase” only meant “to exchange real money into the game for ingame currencies”?
Or is with the threads example also meant every possible kind of exchanging these virtual goods, f.e. the exchange of gems into shop tiers, and/or all the way back down to some of the lowest valued ingame resources like minor fire traitstones + souls to be soulforge converted/exchanged into major traitstones?

I ask because this is a valuable information for the future.

And thx for the fair handling/solution with the additional shop tier as you described it above.
Hopefully the fix reaches everyone!

Just out of curiosity, is there an estimate on how many people were affected? But I can understand if that is closed information.

FWIW, 500 gem refund received ~2 hours ago.


Hey all, just confirming we started rolling out the compensation mail a few hours ago, it may take some time to hit your accounts but I would expect everyone to have it within 24 hours (I’m being super generous, you probably all already have it). Sorry I was unable to let you know sooner!