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(Fixed 4.2) Spectral Knight not dealing double true damage to enemies with status effect

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Expecting Spectral Force attack to deal double true damage to enemies inflicted with status effect.

Enemies were diseased after casting Nightshade’s ‘Chaos Ward’ attack, I then casted Spectral Force which dealt only 30 true damage rather than 60.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Occurring during today’s delve event although have not tested in normal daily delve or any other game mode.

Steps to make it happen again

As above

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Same thing Xbox one

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I also had this problem earlier (PS4). So many problems with this game at the moment, really do feel like it is pushing me to quit :-1:

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Yeah I was really hoping to increase my renown for all faction troop team but that threw a bit of spanner in…


confirmed on pc

Grave Seer enchants an ally but not the strongest one.

Lady Morana’s slaying is pure gambling.


Actually I‘ve experienced the same. No double damage if the enemy has a status effect. I‘ve played two delves with the faction team to keep up with the progress of the faction event. I think I‘ve casted spectral knights spell around 10 times on enemies with different status effects (stunned, enchanted, whatever) an had never seen the double damage. Since I‘ve read about this earlier I‘ve kept an eye on it.
This is very disappointing especially during a faction event using this troup.


Forget: its iOS

Still having this issue on Xbone. Was really hoping to see it corrected before reset since this so greatly impacts my using this faction’s troops for this event. :frowning:

You don’t need to use 4 unique faction troops for the faction event, just having any 4 is enough. In the case of Crypt Keeper, you don’t use Spectral Knight anyways (in the upper faction delve level)

I can’t say that I understand. Spectral Knight is the real powerhouse of this faction and having his ability effectively do half damage is a huge issue.

The player’s magic doesn’t scale as well as the enemies life total. You’ll be casting all day to kill 1 troop with Spectral Knight on the upper delve floor. Lady Morana’s instakill is the best bet to beat the higher delve levels.

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Screenshot_20181030-210533 troops stunned…

Screenshot_20181030-210554casted on troop in second slot should have been 46 true damage killing the troop, but as you can see base of 28 was dealt. I play on android @Kafka @Cyrup

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Crypt keepers troops are already garbage that dont work together and stand no chance on higher levels could we at least get them fixed to work correctly?

A bug that benefits the player = quick fix, a bug that benefits the AI = no rush

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This bug benefits the player more. So, that means it should be fixed soon TM?

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Same here on mobile IOS. Not quite sure how you pick this kingdom for a delve event and then screw up a key troop so much…smh. Too many obvious errors have been happening recently. We better all get gems spent back because of this blatant error. image image

This is a known issue, thanks for the report. The team have fixed this issue in update 4.2

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