[Fix incoming] Flash offer didn't give me Shiny Keys

Would you need to report or send a ticket about being affected or is that not necessary?

The article posted by Kafka says they are “working on sending out missing keys to affected players. There is no need to contact support.”


Just confirming, you don’t need to contact support


Received my 4 keys today along with 50 sorry gems. It also gave 50 VIP Points so I imagine that also didn’t stick with the purchase. Lucky because I didn’t notice that.

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Hi all,

Just confirming the fix for this issue has been released today.

Players who purchased the Heroic Booster while the issue was active (02/08/23 17:00 AEST - 03/08/23 11:30 AEST) have been sent the missing Shiny Keys, VIP Points and 50 Gems.

Thank you all again for your patience while we sorted this out