Shiny tokens and keys

I have read on these forums WHAT the shiny tokens are for, but no one, not even the developers, have stated HOW to acquire keys. Can someone help me? Thanks


They will be in weekly events such as Raid and Invasion as reward tiers :blush:


The details were included in different parts of the patch notes, outside of the Shiny Troops section.

  • Players can earn Shiny Keys from end stage rewards in weekly events, or from new weekly event offers (read more about that below).

There are some paid offers that include shiny keys:

  • The Headstart Offer will appear 48hrs before the next event begins, and runs up until the event starts at weekly Reset.
  • The Headstart Offer will contain the following rewards:
    • Event Headstart – This will start the player further in the event, and give them some score based on the headstart. The Headstart is different in each event – it is roughly the equivalent of purchasing 20 Sigils and playing those battles.
    • 5 Shiny Troop Tokens – These Tokens will match the new Shiny Troop that will be released at weekly reset with that event.
    • 4 Shiny Keys – These will open Shiny Chests
    • Bonus Reward – This Reward changes depending on the event type.
  • The Heroic Booster will appear 48 hours after the weekly event begins, and will run for 48 hours before disappearing.
  • The Heroic Booster will contain the following rewards:
    • Potion of Heroism
    • 20 Sigils for the Event
    • 4 Shiny Keys

Then as NerdieBirdie mentioned, the weekly guild events will have shiny keys and tokens as rewards. However, they’re limited to the new higher reward stages.

  • With all these changes we have adjusted the difficulty scaling in Raid Boss, Invasion, Tower of Doom and Journey Events at higher levels.
    • This has been done with free players in mind – players should be able to achieve similar rewards for free as they did previously.
  • Along with these changes we have extended the Stage Rewards in these events from 12 Stages to 16 Stages.
  • Some of the rewards at these higher Stages include-
    • Shiny Keys
    • Cursed Runes
    • Dragonite
    • Tokens for the new Shiny Troop for that week

Money Money! :moneybag:

I was very surprised that there were no shiny keys, tokens or dust in the Campaign Elite Pass rewards. I know nothing like that was promised, but it seems to me an obvious thing to do.


I am sorry but locking shiny keys behind these booster packs is very greedy. When more powerful troops get the ability to be shiny, this is going to cause an outrage as it will be more pay to win.

I understand that free to play people will be able to get shiny keys from the new guild events with higher tier rewards, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough to upgrade troops at a reasonable rate. Then, it’s going to feel like we are being forced into buying these headstart and shiny bundles to keep up with other players.

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Are any of the shiny-eligible troops actually important, though? I may have missed something in the list, but from my first look they all seemed like just substandard troops that they’re making slightly less mediocre.


That’s just the first troops. Not the entire list!

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To be fair, I’d prefer this over them making broken troops even more broken :grimacing:

Is there a way to currently earn shiny stuff (keys or dust, etc), or are they yet to be implemented? I’m just not seeing it anywhere.

Oh, for sure, I’m with you on that. Sorry, I wasn’t super clear because I now realize I didn’t quote what I was referring to, but I was just trying to respond to the idea that these shiny keys/dust is more “pay to win”. Since after all, if these are just okay troops to begin with, it really doesn’t matter how quickly/slowly they get leveled up.

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