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🔥 It Burns When I PVP 🔥 (29/30) #26 on Xbox. We complete all tasks, 40k seals, legendaries. GW brackets 1/2, Recruiting

We are a friendly, chatty, highly motivated guild comprised of many high level players formerly from other top guilds. We are looking for someone with similar attributes who share our ambitions as we blaze up the leaderboards. Our requirements are mandatory guild wars and 1500 seals weekly. Please contact gamer tag: FlamingoFlinger over Xbox Live if this sounds like a good fit for you.

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I always laugh when PVP’ing against this guild, awesome name. PM’d on Xbox.

Hi, we are looking for 3 more players

I’m not that high of a level but I’ve played for a very long time on computer just need a good guild to help get me back up to that level will defiantly contribute max seals and all the gold I can. But I can’t figure out how to join the guild doesn’t let me search for it and join that way

Hi, will you accept me. I do all seals, guild wars and lots of pvp. Not all kingdoms level 10 yet, but I am working on it.