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Join Charred_Remains! XBOX

We a 4 member guild looking to increase our number to help complete weekly tasks, collect seals an compete in guild wars.
We are in bracket 20 in guild war.
League EliteII ranked 275
Guild gaurdians between level 28 and 42.
We currently get to 6000 seals every week but thats the max with only 4 members.
We normal get to about 7 tasks completed on most of the gaurdians,

Our only requirements are:
Participate in Guild War
Contribute to tasks
Get max seals weekly or close to it

If you think this is the guild for you, send me a message with your invite code.
Ps i could categorise the post correctly to xbox. Please admin help!


We are looking for a new guild. Do you have room for two active players, level 574 and 370? We consistently meet all of your requirements. If so, I will send our invite codes.

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