It Burns When I PVP

:fire::fire::fire::fire: It burns when I PVP :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Golds : 1.000.000
Seals : 2.000
Tropies : 500
Events : requires participation
Guild War : br2 (sentinals to 3)
League : 13
Needs : 1 player

The guild chat is active, we have Discord (not mandatory) and xbox clubs (for GW and faction). Players from all over the world: American, Australian, Belgium, English, French, German, Scottish, Swedish.
You will be welcomed here.

Each week the events are completed and you will have legendary tasks (the number varies depending on the motivation of each).

Message the GM on Xbox : jojoweightman

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Looking for 1 player

No recruit required

We are looking for 1 player after the guild war (possible before the reboot on Monday).

Recrutement is open for 1 player

Recruitement closed