It Burns When I PVP

:fire::fire::fire::fire: It burns when I PVP :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Golds : 1.000.000
Seals : 2.000
Tropies : 500
Events : requires participation
Guild War : br2 (sentinals to 3)
League : 15
Needs : 1 player
GM : JoBibé

The guild chat is active, we have Discord (not mandatory) and xbox clubs (for GW and faction). Players from all over the world: American, Australian, African, Belgium, English, French, German, Scottish, Swedish.
You will be welcomed here.

Each week the events are completed and you will have legendary tasks (the number varies depending on the motivation of each).

Guild War : 24 different troops in defence, play the right color, no minimum points mandatory, sentinel 3.

Message the GM on Xbox : JoBibé


Still have room for players?

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We are looking for 1 player

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