Fell Roost Issue

Fell Roost issue


I spent at least almost 5000 shards in that portal, all lesser three troops is about to be mythic (including that egg, all are legendary now because all i got from that portal are these troops) but no sign of that useless legendary dragon thing…

It’s required to level up associated kingdom for +1 magic but that thing seems to be out from the drop table…and do not tell me it’s rng…i got legendaries from other factions with at most 100-200 shards

…5k?! and still no sign?!..something definitely wrong here.

You see a lot of posts like these about various things. RNG works like that, sometimes you are an outlier. Just because the chance of not getting one with that many shards is low doesn’t mean it is not possible for it to happen. You just gotta keep trying eventually it will drop. You could get the legendary on the first 20 shards you spend or not see one until 20000 shards both are possible outcomes that can and will happen with repetition.


I’m not sure what the odds are but 5k shards does seem extremely unlikely to not get a single legendary. Probably 1 in a million or something.

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5000 shards is 250 portals at 200 shards per 10 portals there are not only 4 faction troops but 5 treasure troops you can get in each portal and they do seem to be weighted by rarity. I have had that much bad luck pulling troops from delves before. I really don’t think the odds are that low as to be 1 in a million. Keep in mind each portal opened has as much chance of each drop no matter how many are opened at the same time though it is unlikely for it to happen many times repeatedly it is a probable outcome as each 20 chaos shards spent has no actual bearing on the next shards spent. You should on average see 2.52 legendary troops drop per 100 portals opened and 250 portals should be 5.04 legendary troops. That doesn’t however mean that that will always be the result that is just the probable chance. Keep in mind pulling a legendary in your first 10 portals is very unlikely as well it does happen though.

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If you had genuinely used 5,000 shards, (which I doubt you have actually been keeping track of since your wording was a contradictory ‘at least almost 5000 shards’) then the chance of getting no legendaries is simply calculated like this:

P(X=0) = 1 - (1-0.0252)^250 ~= 0.17%

So, on average one or two people in every 10,000 will get no legendary faction troops from 5,000 chaos shards spent. Not really that rare.


I agree 5k seems super frustrating and unfortunate. I hope you get that lucky pull soon :four_leaf_clover:

Black Heart was my worst one, I don’t remember how many it took me to pull the first Bile Blackheart, but I do remember all the other troops (even the rare!) were mythic before I could mythic Bile. By the time I got Bile to mythic x4, I have 81 of the rare and 61 of the UR. I lost track of the total spent because it took so long. Sometimes RNG gonna RNG :tired_face:


p.s. maybe i should post this image in the first post but here is the current situation and i give up wasting anymore CS for that stupid dragon thingie…i can live without +1 magic…

You are just halfway towards getting the faction troops to mythic. Keep pulling, you’ll eventually need the extra copies, and you’ll likely stumble over a few Nocturnia.


Just RNG they say…a weird RNG…

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i have over 100k shards laying around so i tested the game for you, here’s the result

this is my 3rd pull


With 300 shards that is a low probable chance once again proving RNG does that sometimes a lot of people who experience it in a positive way though do not make posts like this so thanks.


I totally but totally this time forget this faction ever existed…f…