Feedback - Orbs of Chaos

I play this everyday (or at least try) for my daily, weekly & monthly bonus. You have raised the achievement from 1000 gamerscore to 2550(ok). But the orignal 1000 you have made even more impossible. But not my complaint, for the last 7 months (end of May I missed a end of month due to vacation / nephew’s graduation) 6 times I received the Orb of Clans. NO ONE is that unlucky/lucky. Almost 2 years… I’ve tried playing… Im done. 1 hit kills from weaker AI opponents, treasure hunter I almost had (1 safe… almost had 2nd)… then 2 updates later can’t get 4 red chest. Pet Rescue is worse. Thanks for some fun, but it’s more frustration than fun (oh wait, that’s golf) this as bad as EA. 505 this is the 3rd game you have worried about bottom line not the gamer or the fun it brings. It’s more like work, less like escapism. I signed to this fourm just to give some info. Again any 505 game in the future (like EA) I will avoid. Burn me once… You know the rest. I’m done, goodbye

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Out of curiosity, what were the other 505 games that followed this same trend (if you don’t mind my asking)?

Judging after the numbers that show that Gow still is increasing, both in players and revenur, even after 5 years on a pretty hardly packed market (if one counts the mass of match3rpgs out there), I wouldn’t say that the game’s nearing the bottom at all. Is not even going on a negative slope.

For everyone quiting there’s 10 starting🤷

Then playing purely for achievments is maybe not a healthy approach. A game should be played for the game itself, if you ask me. For achievments, there’s Fortnite🤷

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I looked at 505 Games’ wiki page for the first time, and wow! I never realized they published so many games.

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But…but…orbs of clans are good. They’re like 15 free gem keys if you are in a decent guild. And if you aren’t, maybe one will let you join for a bit to drop some orbs and then use their 40k chests?

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Terraria I knew (but didn’t know how it could be part of the complaint), but just now the rest of the list was surprising to me, too!

My guess for other 2 would be battle ages and battle islands. I quit playing both of those over a year ago when updates made them less enjoyable.

I do prefer orb of clans to the other three.

Math time! Let’s assume orbs of clans are a 20% chance from an orb of chaos (pretty sure I’m lowballing here). The chance of getting 6 in a row would be (0.2^6), which means this would happen 1 out of every 15,625 sets of 6 chaos orbs. Given the number of players across all platforms and the amount of chaos orbs members of top guilds get, saying “no one” gets this kind of luck isn’t very accurate. Also: if you’re only playing the game to get achievement points, that’s probably why you’re not having fun.

The achievement aspect is purely bonus… if I was a achiev. wh*re i’d play cheap indie games. fortnite is not, nor ever will be my thing… I tried it for my friends… no thank you. I get your point, thanks

Thanks for the math point of view… but no. read previous reply thanks

Correct… I’d also add Payday 2 (both 360 & One versions) I was hoping the Xbox One would have fixed some issues oh well.

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