Feature request thread


Let’s limit this thread to feature requests that haven’t been seen elsewhere. (And apologies if any of mine have been seen before…)

  • When a spell requires a troop target (enemy or ally), and there is only one eligible troop, auto-target that troop and execute the spell.

  • These UI features need a larger tappable area on iphone, as I often fail to tap them: go-away box in the upper right of most screens, the “Cast” button when you’ve selected a spell, and the left-right arrows that let you change the disenchant threshold for a troop. (The latter is VERY hard for me to tap, and any miss backs out of the screen.)

  • Achievements that let you know when you’ve collected all commons, all rares, etc. Perhaps make it so that the player qualifies when they’ve gotten all of that rarity that can be gotten from chests.

  • AI should prioritize spells that grant an extra turn.

  • There should be a one-tap way of selecting a banner, rather than right-tapping through them one at a time, not knowing if the one I wanted was one left-tap away at the outset…


I therefore put it in Feature Requests for ya. :smile:


Urg, thanks.


This is a long-time feature request. So I don’t think it will be fixed anytime soon.