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Two UI improvements: spellcasting & targeting

Howdy, new to this game but after 25 hours played, here are the things I find would be probably easy to improve AND greatly improve quality of life:

  1. I often click on a spell moments before I’m able to cast it - whether because it’s the opponent’s turn and it hasn’t quiet ended, or because it’s my turn again and an animation hasn’t quite ended. Suggestion: the “cast” icon should appear when castable if the spell is open.

  2. If there’s only one valid target for a spell, just cast the spell. If there’s only one enemy alive and my spell targets one enemy, don’t make me click on that enemy, just target it.


2 is actually perhaps not a good idea, because it makes the casting action inconsistent depending on the number of possible targets. This can be frustrating for people who play on autopilot or by so-called muscle memory, where the cast is a single effective gesture.

Spells are already “inconsistent” in that some auto-cast and some don’t. You’d develop new muscle memory really quickly, and auto-pilot would go even faster (b/c no delay in targeting when only 1 valid target). Plus, there’s no downside to clicking on an enemy if you’re not triggering something. Thanks for the feedback though.


Inconsistency within a spell is different than inconsistency across spells.

I want (1) so so much.

(2) I’m not sure about because I’d like to be able to cancel a spell if I fat-finger the “cast” button, but if it auto-targets I can’t cancel it. (I can’t cancel it anyway but a unicorn can dream right?)

Just started playing last December and I too would like these changes. Unintuitive UI is probably one of the few shortcomings of this game and I think your proposed improvements would go a long way towards making things more fun with less guesswork involved.

(While we’re at it, devs… please let us cancel out of a cast and don’t deduct the mana until it’s actually cast. Pretty please?)

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+1000 to OPs #1!!!

Yes! Please!!!

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I like the OP’s suggestions, but this one is the biggie I think:

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If there was a cancel spell buton you wouldn’t get trapped by stealth… so probably won’t happen


I really hope you’re kidding. Anyone with a concept of object permanence who plays this game regularly for a month will remember which troops have Stealth or at the very least the trait icon. Do you think trait icons should be removed from the battle screen too?

I, too, have a very large brain and I find it frustrating that if you tap a troop, you see its name and a description of its abilities. And I’m insulted by the gem counters. The first thing I did when I started playing was memorize every troop, so I don’t need all these fluffy “images” or “words”. They’re half of what caused all the problems.

Same with the HP counter. If I’m too lazy to keep up I shouldn’t know what my troop’s HP is!

Or maybe QoL features are a good thing, not an opportunity to show off? Not every game has to be Dark Souls.

Okay since 2 people somehow think a cancel spell button is useful, I’ll go a bit deeper.

First the cancel spell cannot be used on all troops, since spells that don’t require targets will just cast limiting the I accidentally cast argument (If you accidentally cast tds, then it casts, cancel spell button or no).

Second some traits activate on spell cast, which can take effect before targets are chosen, a cancel spell button would need to revert those changes, or the coding remade so that the traits activate on either target selection or spell cast depending on the troop.

Third, you have time, lots of time to analyse the board and all troops to decide what spell to cast and where. The only reasons for a cancel spell button is player impatience or lack of focus.

I’d prefer to have the devs spend time on anything else than bringing in a potentially buggy and rarely used button so people can play this game whilst they watch tv or sleep.

I hope you’re kidding. You just made the argument that people are soooo good at this game that they’ll never mistakenly cast a spell against a stealthed enemy…in order to defend having a spell cancel, which is only useful when people…make a mistake! Anyway, this whole part of the discussion is wildly off-topic

If you actually read the entire thread, I was replying to Lilith, not OP. For some reason the forum is breaking whenever I press the reply button and isn’t connecting posts…?