Favored Troop Query

How Is this determined. Does it go by kills with the character ? Amount of time used ? Etc.

Also is it only PVP or every game mode for example - Explore, Campaign, Delves, PVP ?

It’s the number of times you use a troop in combat.

Adding to that, I believe if you use more than one copy of a troop on your team, each copy is counted as a ‘use’, per battle.

Thankyou. Not sure if mine is broke then as my troop hasn’t changed since I started. Not used him in ages but still Favored Troop. Anyway I can check how many times I have used it in combat ?

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pretty sure it counts pvp only, otherwise most people would have bombot or firebomb as their favorite. and “use” means “cast”

you can go to https://gowdb.com, link your account, , go to My Collection and select filter to show Invasions to see how many times you have cast a troop in pvp

Hmmmm maybe I guess it could be PVP

True guess I will have to check.

Same here. Been Gorgotha for almost 2 years but I never use it anymore.
Pretty sure the thing is broken

It’s based on the number of times the troop is used in PVP invasions. And each copy on your team is counted separately, so a team with four Peasants counts as four invasions for that troop. I have tested this.