What exactly means "Most used Troop"?

A guildmember ask me today how this troop are be chosen.
I say by the number of spell casted.
But his troop is sparklesack… He played the thief team a lot but rarely use him, hundred times more eggthief. Sooo, i don’t know.

What counts it?

Number of spell casts (x per battle)
Number of troops per battle (1 - 4 per battle)
Number of being part from the team (only 1 per battle)

My is for ages Krystenax, i used him (in the good old 3-match times) normally 2-3x in my mainteam, so thats possible for me. Gowdb says so 42k… Mmh 42k Kry casts? Really?

Mmh… :roll_eyes:

It’s just the amount of times that troop shows up in an invade team. Databases have Krystenax very high on mine because I ran two at once (that counts it twice).

It does not count other modes. Or mine would look very different.