“Favored Troop” on Hero Profile

So currently, a player’s favored troop is displayed when looking at their profile. Mine for instance says it’s Infernus… which is a troop I haven’t used for quite a lengthy amount of time. I’m proposing players be able to choose their favored troop, selectable from the hero menu in the top left corner of the screen (where you choose armor/hero style etc).
Or alternatively the game still chooses for you but it changes at the end of each week and evaluates which troop you have used the most throughout the week and then changes on your profile at weekly reset.
This is only a little request in the grand scheme of things that players want, but ya know, gotta shoot your shot.


It’s very low on my list of concerns, but it is a thing. About 2(or3?) years ago I played a lot and only had 1 legendary so that became my standard troop. Now I’ve picked it up again, barely use that one since I have many more and mythics but the game still says it’s my favorite since apparently I still used it in more battles than any other. A bit odd.