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Change Favored Troop + Most Invaded Kingdom - to - Selectable Favorite

The “Favored Troop” and “Most Invaded” section on hero profiles are currently redundant.

The most invaded kingdom early game for everyone is Broken Spire due to most newer players not switching their home kingdom. In late game it is normally Whitehelm due to glory being the best tribute between the tributes of gold, souls, and glory due to how versatile glory is as a resource.

The favored troop for most players commonly becomes something like Valkyrie, The Dragon Soul, or whatever extremely strong troop stays in the meta the longest.

Both sections should be changed to allow the selection and display of the player’s favorite kingdom and troop in the game. It would add customization to the game and would have an actual meaning behind it.


I second this. It would be a good place to express your preferences.

If the devs do wish to keep this reflective of the player’s troops used in actuality, I suggest the “most used” time frame to be a rolling window of a week or two instead of stretching back indefinitely. That way, what I’m playing this week/month/whatever is shown instead of just, y’know, Valkyrie from now until the end of time. (As it stands, if I were so inclined as to change my pic from Valkyrie, I’d probably have to play ten thousand matches with the new troop…)

Yeah most used ‘weekly’ would be interesting. :grin: