Favored Troop Manual Selection

Currently, the troop that is displayed as a players favored troop is set automatically. However, most of the time, that troop is not the players actual favored troop or is no longer that troop that is displayed. I think you should be able to manually change what troop is displayed as your favored troop.

It should display automatically at first before the player has chosen one, yes, but when you go to your profile i think you should be able to click on your favored troop and a list of all troops that the player owns will pop up, there should be a filter like in the normal troops tab, then you should be able to select your actual favored troop. This would be more of a quality of life change than anything, it wouldn’t disrupt any of the game core mechanics and overall would just be cool to be able to change.


Favored troop is the one that you use (or used ) the most on pvp (ranked and casual) and Guild Wars teams to attack. That is displayed based on how many times that one is/ was in your team. Mine was for a long time Keeper of Souls and now is Leprechaun. Maybe if I don’t use any team with Leprechaun again, it will change to another.

It is not a favorite troop, mate. In that case, the choice could have been made manual.

This is “favored” troop. Only way to have your favorite troop to be the favored troop is to keep picking that troop in all or most of your teams.



True, but showing a favored troop doesn’t add anything to the game. Having the ability to show your favorite troop adds a bit of personality, at least :smile:


Agreed. :point_up:


that’s the point though, it doesn’t add anything to the game. Like I said, it’s more of a quality of life addition. think of it this way; what’s the point of adding a public favored troop, if the favored troop isn’t even your favored troop?

But it is, because for troop to apeear there you have to use it more than the other troops.

not necessarily lets say you use a simple sunbird team: sunbird, imperial jewel, firebomb x2. now say that your favorite troop is sunbird because it is the main damage dealer, but it will most likely say it is firebomb because you use it more often. you also have to take into consideration at the pace this game is changing your favorite troop might change, and the more you play, the more you have to play for it to manually change the troop. I think it would just be cool to have the option to manually change the favored troop is all :slight_smile:

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Using a troop out of necessity because it’s useful in multiple teams doesn’t mean it’s one’s favorite troop. My “favored” troop is Alchemist but I don’t recall using it other than in a stray GW team or in event teams more than a handful of times in the last 2 year’s. It’s favored because of using it non-stop before that in gob rocket & Alchemist/hellcat combos for the 2 years prior to that. At the rate I do PvP these days it’ll be another 2 years before alchemist gets replaced by another troop.

@Sphyndel i’m not convinced the calculation for favored troop counts how many times a troop shows up in a team, but rather just how many times any number of it are used on a team. But it may also count number of occurrences for all I know.

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Data available in “My Collection” on gowdb.com shows that it does count instances of multiple troops on the same team, so Sphyndel’s example is correct - in that case Firebomb would be the favoured troop with 2 times as many uses as Sunbird.

Personally, I like that it is stats-driven although given the reducing importance of PvP and the proliferation of other game modes, I’d rather it counted troop use across all game modes - even if that meant that currently my favored troop would be Leprechaun rather than something more interesting.


Or even a favored troop dedicated to each game mode as part of a player’s profile.

Could also teach new players what to keep an eye out for — as they’re losing in PVP, they can be noting what their (current) betters are using to get ahead.

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yeah, which is why say you cast a troop 5000 times, then it will be your favored troop until you get a new troop (your new favored troop) to at least 5001 casts, which is why i think we should be able to manually change it. it doesn’t add anything to the game, it’ more of a quality of life change.

I too would love to change my favorite troop manually on my profile, so others could see our favorite troop. Gorgotha is selected for mine and my favorite troop is TINA-9000. I tried a while ago to look up how to change Favored Troop in Gems of War Support and the database has nothing about a Favored Troop. I tried getting help on the internet and found nothing, but 2,600,000 results related to the question “How to change my Favorite troop?”, So I LOVE to have the developers fix up a way for all of us to manually select a favorite troop any time we choose to. :grinning:

I have literally never engaged either of those modes, yet my “Favored Troop” is for some reason Drake … who I’ve basically not used since acquiring Amira after Leonis Kingdom’s questline.

And note how the number below “Favored Troop” has nothing to do with how it was determined.