Fastest way to gain XP?

(First, I know, weird question, right?)

As far as I can tell you get the same amount of XP per battle regardless of where it’s fought. Is that correct? If so, I assume Challenges are the easiest way to grind XP?

That’s probably the fastest way, because the matches take less time to complete. Challenges and Quests.

War and Peace (Archer, +2 magic)
3x Soothsayer
+2 Brown Banner
First challenge in Divinion Fields


Thanks @Tacet! I remember this video but not the XP angle. Does this team also work well on Drifting Sands? I figure if I’m grinding challenges I may as well hope for a lucky Arcane Mountain drop.

Yes and no. Yes, it works; no, it does not one shot any challenge there. If you can’t one shot Divinion Fields, than you can just double shot any kingdom, so Drifting Sands should be fine.

Btw, I’m currently using Soothsayer / Bat / Valk / Soothsayer. I already have Sooth and Valk maxed out since I used to run a Bat team as my primary before switching to Valk-Stoneskin team. It’s pretty darn fast.

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Interestingly enough, on console, while it doesn’t show the number, I get more xp from PvP fights than I do from challenges. The level bar moves far more.

Also, since for now your own kingdom bonuses are added to your opponent’s stats in challenges (and no Soothsayer yet), there is no simple fast way to kill things.

(And @Studs, replace 1 Soothsayer with Creeping Death and that’s my team right now. Works great.)

The advantage of using a Valk team to grind challenges is the extra souls, which Tacet doesn’t need but most of us do. I reckon a Valk-Bat team is about as quick as a double shot War & Peace, so the extra souls swing it for me.

There’s no question that single shot War & Peace is clearly superior speed for XP and traitstones though.