What is the best way to get to level 100 quickly?


My friend recently discovered this game and dragged me and a few others into this “race” of his. He calls it the “Grand race to level 100”.

The only rule is, no experience boosting outfits, other than that it is “free game”.

Now what is the best way to maximize experience? Beyond completing each area’s main quest line. Is it the challenges, the invading or a combination of both?

Before you ask the only reason I’m taking this “seriously” is he has put up a $100 steam card as the winners prize… so yeah there is some value to this.

So experts, what is the quickest way to 100?


Why no exp improving armor? Thats odd.

Anyway, the best way to play and play and play and play. Everything seems to give roughly the same amount of xp.

One trick you can do is this: Play on multiple devices at the same time. You will finish many more matches in the same amount of time and will level much faster. It’s the trick that the first level 1000 @MrSammy used.


I have no idea why he said no exp armor it’s one of this guy’s quirks… he sets random seemingly pointless restrictions on these races he does… last time it was a gta V race through the campaign where unless forced we couldn’t use the character’s yellow bar abilities.


I have no idea what that means. Anyway, play on pc and mobile at the same time. You’ll whoopem with the constitution.


Kingdom quests give you two experience lots; once for completing the match, and again for completing the quest chain. Using Lion Armor while doing quests is the fastest way to gain levels.


Treasure Maps give no experience, so leave them until after your race.

To add to the above suggestions to focus on quests, quests also have worse teams than PvP and Arena, so you should finish matches quicker doing quests too.


Eventually you’ll reach a point where buying up every kingdom and playing through them might not be so possible. So I’ve recently constructed a team that’s both easily obtainable and effective for exp grinding.

A few things you’ll need first, you’ll need to have unlocked both Whitehelm and Grosh-Nak
Play through the Grosh-Nak campaign far enough to have unlocked the 3rd Challenge (Summon the Horde).

You gain exp for every troop you defeat, including summoned ones. This is why this challenge is perfect!

Here’s the team: (Flag +2 Yellow, aka; Whitehelm)
Goblin Shaman (Lv 10 at least)
Sparkgrinder/Sunweaver (Lv 10 at least) (Sparkgrinder’s faster to obtain, but Sunweaver’s better.)
Wight (Lv 10 at least)
Paladin (Lv 15)

First plow through the cyclops to stop their spells crushing your team. But keep the Summoner’s alive as long as possible.

Use Sparkgrinder/Sunweaver to power up Paladin to about 15+ Armor (power Shaman when he gets weak afterwards), use the Gob Shaman to power Paladin’s spell which should only ever be focused on Cyclops and Ghouls. Wight is here to fasten the Summoner’s spell, as you should avoid grabbing purple and red gems even if they’re 4-5+ matches.

If possible as suggested, doing this on multiple devices should excel the pace. Just avoid ending rounds at the same time, it can cause errors to occur occasionally.

Can’t say if it’s the fastest way, but it works so try it out when possible. (You’ll also always make more than you spend on the challenge if played right. So no down time!)


I would say run story mode. You get XP for battles and XP for completing episodes.
It also helps to build a fast team. AOE builds are pretty good at breezing through storymode.

Go through Divinion Fields first. Atlanta, the epic you get for completing that storyline, is a solid AOE card that you can get early in the game. She also works fairly well with the Green Slime creature from the Glory Event a couple weeks back… if you were around to purchase one then. If you missed it, then you can use Alchemist as substitute. Both creatures produce reliable amount of Mana colors that can charge up Atlanta fast.


Another thing to keep in mind is not to increase difficulty in trying to get exp bonus. Matches will be way more longer then the return you will get from bonus exp. So play at lowest difficulty to earn exp the fastest. Other then that I also suggest quests since they award exp after you complete each set of quests.


Well… avoid the Warlord settings for sure, but I think Hard difficulty is OK. +10% is nice, and to be honest I don’t feel any different between Hard and Normal.


have you tryed arena? at most 9 games for 1k gold that you earn back if you complete it or at least 2 games if you dont but you get exp there as well or pvp. quests might be quicker though


The best way is to play on multiple devices at the same time (invade only).
However, you will lose the gold from one of the invade, but keep the experience.

I use that method to raise myself to first topped player in record time.
However, it was working at lot better before they raised the speed.

The other thing you could do, is select the easiest challenge and play it repeatedly.

Also ensure you are playing at the easiest setting.
You want to generate the most experience per minute possible and that will be done by winning the most games in the shortest time.