Fast track release some of the later Deep Delves

All Seeing Eye
Crypt Keepers
Hall of Guardians
Sea of Sorrow


That’s nice and all but at the rate of release, its going to take multiple YEARS to get to some of the later delves that were released.

Rather than release these at a faster rate, it would be nice if they released the Deep Delve/new faction troop for some of the more problematic factions FIRST, then circle back to the delves that were less of an issue.

Primal Rift is next, but let’s be real, it doesn’t “need” a 5th troop yet.

The following few delves really need to be pushed up first:

Hell Gate/Maugrim Woods (needs a complete delve team overhaul)
Fire Rift/Broken Spire (needs a tank)
Lyrasza’s Lair/Shentang (something less random/better tank)
City of Thieves/Leonis Empire (hoping for a Cedric treasure room shouldn’t be the best strategy for a faction)

Stonesong Eyrie/Suncrest (needs anti-stalemate)
The Labryrinth/Wild Plains (needs anti-stalemate)

Maybe other people can pitch factions that could use help.

The way things are currently being released, its going to be around 3 years until Hell Gate and Fire Rift sees the help it really needs. The number of people that could use it won’t be high at that point. May as well drum up some sort of use for Deep Delve Events now…


I was thinking a troop for Stonesong Eyrie that could Stun an enemy, because those summons can be a real pain during a PF run.


Or a City of Thieves troop that acts like Greed and has a trait similar to the Cedric buff


Disclaimer to the below: I’m one of those members of the 90,000 Renown club and have been for several weeks. And one of the people who did so without spending thousands of Gems on release weekends (or a Tuesday) to accelerate the process.

These delves are perfectly beatable at PF-500 as they are now. Most of them were even in that category prior to the deep delve update; the addition of potions to “ordinary” delving has made things much more obtainable for the “ordinary” player without the need to grind obsessively for shards/treasures as to boost the hoard to stupefying levels.

Some of them are significantly more challenging than others, relying more on “brute force” or “pure luck” than clever strategy. But they can all be completed at this time with the tools available to you if you’re willing to put in a little work.

There can certainly be some improvements, yes. But if we go based on the theory that there’s a limited amount of time and energy that the coding team has to make changes/improvements to the game, this is probably one of those areas that ought to be lower down on the list.


Good post.

Here’s another idea.

Make the deep delve have an addition to the loot table.

Universal Stone. The Stone is a trap blocker or 12 cursed runes. To use as blocker. you use in dungeon. To get runes, you pay 250 souls to convert.

Every day stone decays by 25% per day. So day 2, 75% blocker, 9 cursed runes. It can only drop from Deep Delve. I ware at this point of adding another gnome before Dragonite Gnome, as 2 more Gnomes in the pool makes the odds silly.

Clearly identify the Deep Delves Loot Drop Table odds, 10% chance to drop the blocker from Deep Delve Gnomes. Make Deep Delve drop tables give 25% more loot. Win? Players might play it….

Let’s say you got 1 blocker every 5 days. Call it 6 a month. Those aren’t going to break the economy and players can manage their use. Give trap blockers a decay affect, so if not used each day, to slow multiple use. their ability to block reduces. 25% per day. After 4 days they become 1 vault key.

Players can then use Deep Delves, as barely anyone uses them, there’s a chance to deal with the hideous dungeon slot machine that breaks players will daily and no economy is broken. There’s some management there, the risk of decaying blockers not working in order to try and have 2 blockers in play by doing Deep Delve daily.

6 blockers a month, let’s say you manage them and get 120 -180 Dragonite extra a month. Don’t forget you need 2 to give you a perfect run for sure. That’s going to make people feel better about Deep Delves and Dungeon than they do now, and think duplicates aren’t as bad as now. We can live with duplicates today, because we can use our brains tomorrow. It puts some choice into dungeons, some puzzle breaker element that humans love, and people might not keep quitting. Decaying blockers work by % chance so a 25% one is very likely to fail - etc.

Granted a player could get exceptionally lucky and streak a few days, but statistically they should over a month have about 4-5 trap blockers played. If the blocker odds are too favourable reduce the chance to obtain to 5% or less, or only allow 1 trap blocker only per dungeon day.

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Here’s the problem. They’re already doing Deep Delves. They aren’t canceling Deep Delves. Its already on the list of permafeatures.

At least at that point, it can be pointed in the right direction to be a slightly more useful feature.

I’m just asking for a change in release order.

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What “right direction”… the future release order probably isn’t planned ahead far.

But 90k could be achieved rather easy even before the potion helper update ,around 2/3 of all factions with even a low level hoard and without potions. Only a handful really hard factions to beat “pure”. From your list I can only agree on Hell Gate and The Labyrinth. Maybe Fire Rift I don’t even remember this one. Nothing else of your list, all else were beatable in a “more than average lucky” run. fail plenty of times. get good. come close and eventually win.

Before devs waste time on figuring out a “best order” that still someone won’t like, lets just give them a break. Enough “real” problems and/or bugs in this game they could work on instead. But probably don’t.
just saying. :slight_smile:

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