Factions new to old

I have an idea for the devs, how about doing the factions on weekend assaults like all of them from new to old, like from fire rift back every mth to the very first one. It would give players a chance to get them done on a weekend and perhaps more money to gow b/c players would be buying tiers in shop for potions. Many players dont get the chance to do them all in one day on Tuesday day/night b/c of real life things like school, work , or other activities . As being a guild leader I hear always they wish the Devs would not only do the new delves but do the older ones too.

Why new to old? Why not old to new, so new players get a chance to complete older factions?


Why not replace that with the Arena event weekend and make a smaller version of arena event on Tuesdays instead?


the point is to get all the older factions on weekend assault too no matter if new to old or old to new

old to new please!

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This is me wearing my Speculation Hat and riffing on the subject… but I think this weekend’s Faction Assault is simply “filler”. That the developers had something else in mind, perhaps related to the 6.2 release – whose patch notes we’ve allegedly seen – only that release is “not ready for primetime” and therefore has been pushed back. (We can hope that it’s a situation where their beta testing and their QA processes have caught stuff and they’re fixing it before using the lot of us as guinea pigs.)

And if I want to jog further out onto the flimsy limbs of Unsubstantiated Speculation? And to use some of the “pre-spoilers” that populate the Taransworld page? Perhaps the developers are looking at some sort of weekend version of the Journey events.

And if I’m completely wrong on the latter, but the developers would like to pilfer the idea and put it to use? Feel free – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all – but do give me some acknowledgement as the generator of the idea. :upside_down_face: