Tuesday delves on Nexus Week(s)

We have 3 Nexus weeks in this current campaign, which 2 of them have “The Warrens” and “Sea of Sorrow” scheduled, since, obviously, their respective faction is non-existant.

Please consider including “City of Thieves” on the 3rd one, I know a lot of friends would be happy to do the event for it.
The last time COT was around, December 22nd, 2020, when I finished mine.

Thank you for your consideration.


I just realized… if the faction is released on Dec 3rd (2nd Nexus week), the 3rd Tuesday delve should be Umbral Nexus again. Nevermind.

Delvs so far have followed their release order on Tuesdays. Hope this helps.

It changed awhile back, maybe 4 or 5 months ago? Factions follow the Kingdom of the week now.


ty, back when i was doing them every tuesday it was still like that. its been over a year since i’ve done a tuesday delve. :upside_down_face:

It changed since June '21.

Which by the way was a terrible change that didn’t get the blowback it really deserved. The change ensures the final boss room is even harder due to the weekly buffs. So instead of 500 life/armor they have 600 life and armor and also more atk and magic.

So much for trying to make delves easier. A 20% buff to the enemy basically cancells out the 50% hoard bonus from KL 14.


…also that people aren’t guaranteed a crack at each respective faction at an equal rate of [Faction in Question] / [Total Number of Factions].

Both downsides to the change are pretty major, I agree, and should have gotten more pushback.

But there’s always so much to push back against, it’s not a surprise to me that many players might not have realized the importance, or else might have been distracted by something more immediately acute to their interests.

TBH, I’m personally against the concept of Tuesday Factions.

If a player is going to try to max the Faction, it either encourages unhealthy play (to save gems by doing full clears) or wastes gems needlessly.

All Factions are able to be maxed without the potions, it’ll just take time (and from personal experience - a lot of luck). I’ve been able to catch up (only 4 left) and without raising Horde levels as high as I once thought.

That said, I do understand why they give the opportunity for others to do it. To each their own. I just get the free gems and call it a day :stuck_out_tongue:

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When you say this do you just mean Potion-Clearing, or Faction Assaults in general?

If the latter — how would you account for the serious dropping-off of a player’s ability to generate chaos shards without the once-a-week opportunity to convert gems into shards?

Gnome-a-paloozas generate a lot of chaos shards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I mean as the only way to get Potions to max a Faction. You are correct that the shards are useful, eventually. :wink:

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You are talking about pure faction runs, right? One could argue that your pure faction team gets the same percentage based buffs as the boss room team. Their troops willl have 20% more life/armor, your troops will hit 20% harder, so it should take about the same effort to kill them. The teams in the rooms in between won’t have these buffs, making them easier for your buffed pure faction team to defeat. Unless I’m missing something the change actually reduces overall difficulty for the PF500 run.

That’s true in the final fight.

But for all the runs getting there, it slows people down a lot, potentially.

Wrong. Only if both teams had same starting stats. The hardest part about factions is the PF 500 boss battle which was made much harder by weekly buffs.

I feel like one of us is slightly confused in regards to percentage calculation. Let’s narrow this down with some numbers:

Your skull damage: 100
Health/armor of opponent troop: 500 + 500 = 1000
Skull hits required to kill troop: 1000 / 100 = 10

Your buffed skull damage: 100 x 1.2 = 120
Health/armor of buffed opponent troop: (500 + 500) x 1.2 = 1200
Skull hits required to kill troop: 1200 / 120 = 10

Same applies to spell damage.

Looks about the same effort to kill them to me. Unless you are thinking about some odd corner case, like burning effects being slightly in favor of the stronger troops due to their fixed damage?