Faction quest only gives 1 class xp

Platform, device version and operating system:
windows 10 20h2
gow 5.4.0r26671

Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
all the limited battle events (adventure board, delves, dungeon, etc…) tend to give 2 class xp. battles that can be done without restriction, mostly explore runs, give 1 class xp.

the exception on this seems to be the 7 battles when you first unlock a faction, those only give 1 class xp.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
first noticed it when the previous faction was added a few weeks ago, now again with the new hell gate faction.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. pay the 4000gold to unlock a new faction
  2. run any of the 7 battle events
  3. pay close attention since you can only do these battles once per account

As far as I know it’s always been that way

same, but that doesn’t mean it should be that way :slight_smile:

at the end of the day we’re only talking about 29 factions * 7 battles → 203 class xp.

my main argument is that battles which are limited in any way (adventure board, delves, etc…) give 2 class xp. faction opening quests are the only ones that deviate from this.

How much xp do kingdom quests give? If it’s 1, this isn’t a bug.

This is a feature request. Not a bug.
Class XP is generally decided by difficulty. From a design aspect that’s 90% consistent with the rest of the game.

The main outlier is Explore in that regards. Because they don’t want to bother with coding the class xp with the higher difficulties.
Same could probably be said with supremely difficult Delves. Just because 3 Class XP hasn’t been a thing. Doesn’t mean it can’t be a thing.

i don’t think i want to argue with you about the minutes of the game since chances are slim that i’ll come out on top :slight_smile:

at least for dungeon & adventure board + class weekly (checked up till tier 6) & faction weekly (last delve stopped at lvl180) they always give 2 class xp to me. for adventure i need to wait till tomorrow but afaik diff 500 & diff 10.000 both give 2 class xp, for dungeon battle 1&3 both give 2 class xp.

also doublechecked and explore runs lvl1&12 give the same 1 class xp, so no difficulty involved there.

bug/inconsistency/feature request is up for discussion. my datapoints seem to point to time limited battles (either daily or 1/account) giving 2 class xp & time unlimited (explore) gives 1 class xp. pvp not included.

couldn’t say, all mine are max lvl in quests & challenges, but i agree that kingdom & faction should give the same. giving 2 class xp however seems to be the default for most 1-off battles however.

I mentioned explore already in my comment. If you included the whole quote you would of been reminded of it when you were writing your reply.

Dungeon is always easy. (So that would also fall into the 10% :person_facepalming: on the devs end.)
Adventure boards can scale from easy to difficult.
So can all leaderboard and guild events. Which give 2 Class XP.
Casual PvP only gives 1 Class XP even if a difficult match is selected. But they do it that way assuming players only choose easy matches.
Where as Ranked PvP is always 2 Class XP… Even if a player faces easy opponents.

So it’s potential difficulty. More than actual difficulty. In 90% of cases.

Casual PvP also gives 2 Class XP per fight, not just Ranked. At least it does on Xbox. Not sure about other platforms.

This is feedback and has been put in the appropriate category.

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