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Extra turns when opponent is dead

I’ve noticed that in PvP, when the AI is dead, and the screen is blank on the right side, it takes me a couple extra gem matches to close out the match…No biggie…But not in GW. I know that the extra swipes I make are going to hurt my score.

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Has happened to me quite a few times also

This happened to me against their paragon in GW…:tired_face:

Oh that stinks :-1:

Has happened to me as well. Though all you need to do is end your turn. If I match three and my turn ends then the match has always ended. So one extra turn is all. It’s annoying, and needs fixed, but it’s a small issue compared to other issues we have.

Yeah, not a big deal usually. Just thought it was weird. Now I know I’m not the only one it happens too