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Explosions not gathering mana (Not a bug)

For some reason when I explode a few gems I’m getting no mana from it. Either this a recent change, a bug, or its disabled. kind of ruins the experience of playing a few of my favorite characters. I have screenshots showing before and after using a firebomb. I don’t know if its just this one or theres more that’s not providing mana.






The problem is that your Firebombs are on the top of the team. When they cast their spells they will, for a brief moment, refill their own mana and then die…

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double check all my firebombs are automatically filled as soon the game starts. My player should be the only one receiving mana

But when they cast their spells the mana is gone, the red gems explode, they get mana for a brief moment because they have none, and then they die. That’s what i meant, check it at a slower speed.

then that’s a bug then

Technically it’s not, it’s not an ideal order of events for sure, but changing it could cause some other problems with other troops… So i suggest you don’t hold your breath for any change in this because it has been like this since… well, forever from the day these troops were released… Try something else, if you have Sunbird, you can use:

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb
Your Hero

This is a good team for Explore.

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or i can put my hero up top but it kinda of ruins the structure of a bit because my hero would be taking the hit.

Yes, that’s why Sunbird is a good candidate for the first spot, even if it takes some damage it dies and ressurrects itself to full health with it’s own spell.

It won’t keep any extra bonuses triggering at the beggining of the match, but still it’s a decent strategy the Bombs will deal some damage and fill Snubird’s mana, the damage caused by the bombs will leave enemies usually crippled enough to die from Sunbird’s spell.

I don’t now what weapon you are using with your hero, but i doubt it could be better than Sunbird. Since your hero will be at the botton you could choose another weapon from the other colors hoping to gain mana from other gems caught in the explosions that are not red or purple.

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it’s Summer’s fury.

I like this game but stuff like this are just annoying

Razzagor is correct. I’m sorry, but unfortunately, this is working as intended and won’t be changed. The Spell works in the order it should, this is the basic process of Exploding and then gaining mana, however, if your Fire Bomb is the next in line on the Team they will gain the Mana.