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Is it okay to have Firebomb above your other Reds?

Is it okay to have a Firebomb above your other troops with Red mana? I recall some kind of glitch or strange mechanic being mentioned in a post I’ve read before stating that Firebomb, because of the way he’s programmed to explode will use the spell, absorb any mana he has blown up, and THEN die, meaning any red’s underneath it won’t get any of the Red Mana.

So is this an actual problem, or WAS it a problem and it’s fixed now?

When firebomb casts he still fills himself before exploding, thus the mana won’t filter down to troops he’s color blocking below him unless there is excess beyond what it takes to fill him.


I wonder if that is intentional or simply Dev oversight.

It feels like it, however if you perform firebomb’s spell description literally in the order it’s written then it would seem not since it specifically states “explode” THEN “deal damage & destroy itself”.

It would be nice for a Dev to weigh in on this, but it is what it is.

On one hand, who cares? There just going to blow-up anyways, stick em’ on the bottom.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have them act as a buffer above the troops your trying to fill with their explodes, like Sunbird or Bul’Tauros.

However, it could possibly be intentional from the Dev’s for the following reason. If your firebombs are taking the brunt of damage and then just negating ALL of that enemy team’s progress by killing themselves without at all negating the use they were suppose to serve on your team anyways, that might be potentially a tad more broken than the Dev’s saw fair? It’s all just conjecture, but some Dev input would be nice to clear things up.

We’ve asked before. It’s a bit of both. It was originally an unintended consequence of how the game’s code resolves spell order - it checks for dead troops and removes them after processing mana from the board. It was then too much hard work to fix it. Over time I think the devs also became happy with the design to limit the impact as well…


I can live with that, I suppose. It doesn’t really impact any of my team ideas, it would’ve just optimized them a bit more, but not by much to be worth it. Thanks Jainus!

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