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Can this really happen with Sunbird?

I’m not sure what happened but this match I was just in involving sunbird feels like it should not have happened. It was a Sunbird, Rowanne, Firebomb, Firebomb team. The problem is, Every time the AI made any red match, what-so-ever, Sunbird was capped off and ready to cast.

Of course the first two times were understandable because it got boosted mana from the firebombs blowing up, but then later in the match it was still coming up that every single time the AI managed to get so much as a 3-match of red, the firebird had all 12 mana and was ready to cast.

I’m not seeing how this is possible. I’ve been playing a while and I know that a 3 match, with a surge and also with a banner that gives +2 mana can generate only 8 mana. I looked up each of the units involved and none of them give bonus mana either. What gives here? Is there some other way to get bonus mana that I don’t know about?

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Pet bonus maybe?

The pet bonuses that can have an impact on mana generation are all Mastery related. I do not believe any of them give the “link” effect.