Exploring factions (Resolved)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam PC

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I clicked to explore Forest of Thornes and was expecting to explore there but instead was sent to explore in Fang Moore.

This happened a few days ago as well when I was exploring Forest of Thornes but instead I was in Pridelands.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

I’m not sure. I didn’t even notice this was happening at first. It wasn’t until I finished one of my daily tasks and saw the glory keys that I saw it said Fang Moore. 2nd time kingdoms have switched but first time I was exploring in a faction that I have noticed.

Steps to make it happen again
No idea

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It’s also not giving traitstones.

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And only one hero XP. What a rip. :wink:
Weird that it isn’t giving delve gold and souls.

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Hey Maxx, this is weird. Are you sure this doesn’t belong in Game feedback/questions as a new feature suggestion? :wink:

Please let me know, if both times this occurred:

  1. What gamemode you played before this?
  2. If the game was open over daily reset? (7 AM GMT)
  3. Exactly what time/date this happened, or as close to it as possible? Even if you did a PVP match around that time and remember the opponent’s name - anything that might help me locate this is in your account logs.
  4. What troops were on your team and the enemy team?
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First time this happened I was exploring in Forest of Thornes but at some point that changed to Pridelands. This was a while ago and I don’t remember anything about it.

Level 20 delves in The Warrens faction. I did open some shards in Fang Moor after.

Not 100% sure but I don’t think it was. I usually do my dungeons on my main account before I start doing anything on this account.

Between 6.30 - 6.40pm Adelaide time on Saturday February 16th. I didn’t do PvP around this time.

The enemy team had Fang Moor troops. I was doing daily tasks one team was Mercy/Gard’s Avatar/Hero with Rope Dart I think and Paladin. Other team was this with Titan class

Woah… this screenshot you sent, you definitely played this battle in the last 7 days? I can’t see any record of these Troops in your logs for the last 7 days. Spooky!! Was the other team with Mercy also experiencing the Explore issue?

Please give a reinstall a go (once your account is linked) to prevent this from happening.

Sorry @Cyrup I forgot I have a different invite code for this account. This battle was on my second account invite code MAXX_62. Sorry totally didn’t think about that.

Oh damn. I thought I was onto something mysterious and exciting there.

Do you remember if you were in Fang Moor in the first or last Explore you attempted? It’s showing that you played Explore Battles in Fang Moor, alright. Let me know if you have this again after reinstalling.

I was in Forest of Thornes at first but then it changed to Fang Moor. It’s been almost a week now and I haven’t had this problem since.

Thanks! If it happens again give it a reinstall, otherwise, this is noted.

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Thanks @Cyrup

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@Cyrup it just happened again. This time on my main account invite code MAXX1013. Time was 4.15pm Adelaide time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

here’s everything I did after starting the game

I did a pet rescue
I started a delve in Fang Moor to do tomorrow. I didn’t do any battles just started it.
About 30 minutes later I started doing explore in Leonis Empire with blue beasts to do my daily tasks
First battle was fine I was in Leonis Empire but second battle it switched to Fang Moor

Oh no :frowning: Just to confirm, is this happening after reinstalling?

Yes this was after reinstalling.

Also yesterday I was exploring in Whitehelm doing my daily tasks and just before I finished I saw I was in Dragon’s Claw. I never left Whitehelm and when I did exit Whitehelm was still highlighted showing as the last kingdom I was in. Sorry I don’t have any details I didn’t notice for a while.

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I’ll check this with the team

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Thanks @Cyrup

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