Issue: Fang Moor Deep Delve

Hey all,

Unfortunately the Deep Delve for Fang Moor won’t be playable after 7am GMT today.

The team are currently working on this issue.

We’re very sorry for the incovenience!

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Not ‘working as intended™’ ?
Now I’m confused.

:surfing_man: :clown_face:


Honestly, that help page isn’t very helpful…


I know it’s not, I’m adding info as I get it :sweat_smile:


I believe this is fixed now and you can play the Deep Delve for Fang Moor.

We understand there are currently performance issues with the game servers which the team are currently working on as well which may make it difficult to play.

If you still have issues playing the Deep Delve for Fang Moor please let us know here.
(Ouitside of the server issues)


Nice. Everyone should restart the game, right?

Offtopic: can you then please start looking at the daily deals problem? I noticed it not listed in the known issues and bugs section - and we don’t get any updates in the forum topic(s) anymore since months :slight_smile:

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Thanks for having folks available to fix issues at the heading-into-the-weekend reset.

Over and above the usual thundering herd at the start of new mythic Friday?

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Yes over and above!

It is smoothing out now, it’s just taking time.




How about the issue of introducing a troop with faerie fire when the other pure faction troops are focussed on skull damage…


@Kafka Still no “Faction Expansion – Fang Moor” official post.

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Just wanted to say, thank you for posting about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Even though it was quickly fixed, it’s nice to see you give advance notice of it.


An issue found and fixed before it had a major impact? :astonished:

Get some sleep and miss out on all the interesting things. For the curious among us, what exactly was broken?

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They must’ve made a mistake with the rewards. They were being too generous by giving out extra resources that would’ve messed up their economy, if you know what I mean. With a quick fix like that, no one can tell me differently. :joy:


Ran through the pure faction with the new troop. Almost beat it, lost to 1 last sky skull at the boss room. Don’t feel like playing it again.

The new troop is… fine… by itself. Still useless in this delve.

The biggest problem with this troop surprisingly isn’t the fact that it faerie fires… (ff is still a problem in that it contributes nothing except to help itself (it faerie fires before applying damage)), but that it isn’t red.

It sits around doing nothing while Shaman of Set fills the rest of the team, making it feel like deadweight at times. It feels even more out of place if your Chief Dargons die and the only things left are a Shaman of Set and Setauri Mage… Shaman of Set becomes useless since it doesn’t feed anything else.

And what do you get value-wise for the mage not being red? … not much. Its still chip damage, when you’re likely going to overrun troops with skulls/attack damage to the point where the chip damage didn’t matter.

So while I can beat the delve with this new troop, there’s no point.

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A round of applause for our surprise guest, Lapina Healer, who spontaneously decided to relocate to Fang Moor.


I miss the short time we had different reactions here than :heart:



i have another idea instead of applause:
Dear 505games, on January 2021 you acquired IP2 and gave them a 2 years job guarantee.
Good news: 2 years are over! Now you can fire them all (devs and moderators) and hire new staff, as this is just another proof of incompetence.

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I wouldn’t say 505 is clean in any of this. If anything, they probably pushed them to this current monetization scheme and content over quality release style for more money.


not probably, you are completely right.
job guarantee for 2 years, but salary was about how much money GoW would make in this time, if i remember correct (still searching an old post about it).
the direction of GoW won’t change, more and more monetization, but i’m tired of lying, false or missing information and all that incompetence from devs and moderators.
so, new staff - new chance.