Faction Assult bug

Hiya! Faction Assult was working fine today, but then the app crashed (iPad) and now I cannot use my last delve. I can click on fight, then click on the first room to delve, but then the button to click to accept that room is not available. If it were available, it would bring me to the page where I can choose my troops.

Has this happened to anyone else?

If your app crashed mid-battle, I believe the game will have registered the battle as a loss, forfeiting the rest of that Delve run.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t much to be done here, as the Devs aren’t able to reimburse you for the Faction Assault Sigil. I think the advice will be to make sure you don’t have other things running at the same time, and/or maybe to ask if there was anything in particular that made your game crash, so as to prevent this from happening in the future.

I had this happen to me early on when Delves were first introduced, and I have since made sure I am able to complete the battle before starting, when Delving.

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Thank you for the feedback!!!

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Its happened several times to me, on daily delves and during faction events, and probably every other game type. Worst of all is a wars win that crashes on the victory screen only to be converted into a defeat when you reboot. If you don’t want bugs, lag, crashes, unjust player bias, cheaters, exploiters and so on, perhaps another game will be more to your taste.

I’m over level 500. This is the only time I have ever had a problem with the game. According to your post, it seems like it is not me who would find another game more “tasteful!” Lmfao. Good luck!

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Your low level probably explains why you’re only just starting to recognise stuff. But you’re epiphany is just beginning, as other forums will illuminate. My departure from this shite is guaranteed. One more box to tick and its adios.