Expired email issues

The email I registered Gemsof War on/with was deleted. I cannot write a ticket from the game to ask why my 4.5 update isn’t installing. Is there any way of changing the old email to a current, active one?
Or do I have to try and retrieve the old email to change it to a new one? I don’t want to uninstall the game in case I can’t fully install it again.

Submit a ticket with your new email address. The devs will be able to recognize that you already had a GoW account and are using a new email address.
I found this out last night when I got a reply on a ticket after using my personal email address by accident instead of my usual gaming/spam email address.

Thanks for that information. Much appreciated. One final question, which password do I use when submitting with my new email, their generated one or the personal one?

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You’ll need to generate a new password to contact us anyway! it’s not the same as the game mail

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