Corrupt file? Erase game and restart?


I have an iphone 6 and have made some purchases for the game. I find it very very fun to play. My issue is that I recieved a message stating that a file was corrupted and I would need to redownload the game. I deleted and downloaded the game but now its stuck on the load screen. On top of that I’m concerned that when I do get it to work that the game won’t have all my stuff that I bought on the account. The reason I’m concerned is that I had an account about a year ago and deleted it and when I tried to restart the game it was as if I’m a new player. I don’t want my money wasted if for some reason the game doesn’t save the guild I’m in and all my purchases. Whats going on?? It worked fine yesterday and this morning NOTHING works.


When you re-download a game, the game restarts by default. In this case, you have to go to Settings->Account->Link to Another Account to reactive your old account.

In order for this to work, you must Register your current device before you can link any account. You can do this in the same setting page.

However, in your case, it sounds like you can’t even log in at all. I would suggest you go to the GoW Support Page and request them to recover your account for you. I think they can help you register manually on their end.

Support Page:


It started but now when I try to link the account it says that I have the email and password incorrect. Why isn’t it just tied into the GameCenter? what next?


IS it asking for my gamecenter account info? My itunes? don’t understand.


I just now registered the new version i downloaded and noticed that the “password” i’m supposed to memorize or have to re install the game is a random password. If thats the case I never wrote it down for my other account and I’m afraid it will be lost. Hopefully customer support can help me out with this.


Yes, contact customer support immediately. I think they can find your account through your Invite Code, character name, and various other information. Good luck!


Account linking is tied to our own servers, instead of a game center account. We do have iCloud enable but we know that it doesn’t always work. Thankfully account recovery is something our support team and do easily.