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Evolution looking for 1 player

We had a player retire, we are looking for a high level player who likes trophies and legendary tasks. we usually do 30+ legendary tasks a week. Many high level long time players here as well as some pvp trophy hunters here. pm me @ LOGAN CAROTH 4 if interested

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56 legendary tasks done so far this week in legendary fight :slight_smile:

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Who was it that retired?

Higster for like 20 hours : )

Top LT task guild and trophy guild.

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bump bumpity bump bump

we may have a couple spots open due to lack of activity, pm me if interested in joining our great guild.

10 minutes to get 2 recruits, spots dont stay open for very long here lol

just reached #13 soon to be #12

we have an open spot, if anyone interested pm me.

we require seals and all guild modes. we average 50+ LT’s a week. we may have openings in the future. if interested please message

we have 2 spots open, if interested pm me. we are a highly active guild who chase trophies and LT’s.

sorry, we are once again. spots here are valuable

we just had a player retire from the game. we have 1 spot avaliable for anyone interested

We are looking for 1 high level active player to join us. We complete all guild events, and will be bracket 1 guild wars next time. We usually do 60-90 legendary tasks a week. If interested pm me via xbox live.

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We have one spot in Legendary Fight due to long time member leaving the game to enjoy real life retirement. We are looking to fill with quality high level end-game player who enjoys party chat, discord, troop builds / strategy sessions, and always tries their best in guild wars as well as participates in all guild events. No drama, please. If interested in hearing more about LF’s requirements, message me in in-game.

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Bump. Lots and lots of LTs done weekly. A few great team builders as well.

We are looking for any interested players to join our guild. If interested please pm me. We are currently #6 and in bracket 1 of guild wars.


We are still looking for 1. All tasks completed, guild events completed, bracket 1 gws

sorry we are full atm, feel free to pm if interested in joining in the future if a spot opens

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