EVERYBODY has Gloom Leaf and Web Spinner. How?

I’ve been playing Gems of War for a while now on both PS4 and Xbox One and I’ve noticed that almost every single person I play against in PVP has one or both of these characters in their lineup. I was wondering where you can get them because I’m level 160 on PS4 and 50 on Xbox One and have not gotten either of them on either console. I’ve used countless keys (both iron and magic) and haven’t gotten half of the good characters I’m often dying to. Was wondering if there was some way to get some of those characters or if they are just random drops that I seem to be missing out on. Or if they were a weekly character you could buy that I missed out on during some week?

You can obtain both with keys on the currently console version. Celestial dragon was the only legendary available back then in the very first console weeks for glory, havent seen any Legendary available for glory since. Very tough to pull either of them, through keys. I got Gloom Leaf on console right before I went to Android, thankfully I got him on android also.

Btw, why do you have two accounts? It will only slow down the process?


It’s just random luck, aside from the real money packages that are offered each week. Those offer 1 legendary, a weapon, some keys, and other bits and bobs, but they are very expensive. I’m level 120 and have 2 webspinners, and 2 gloomleafs, though I haven’t leveled up either yet. Hopefully some good luck comes your way soon.

I got both systems so I downloaded the game on both. That way once I’ve done everything on one system I can continue on the other. I’ve done all of the missions and challenges on PS4, this way I can make progress on the Xbox One once I’ve hit rank 1 in pvp on the PS4. I’m at the point on PS4 where there’s nothing left to do except reach pvp rank 1 each week. Except the missing kingdom which doesn’t seem to be in the console version but is still counted when it tells you the percentage of kingdoms you have…

Very nice. Well if thats what you like, why not. :slightly_smiling:

Haha don’t forget about leveling all the kingdoms, and all the troops and collecting everything.

Man went on moon, everything is possible :wink:

Sheer luck mate :-/ I was fortunate but I know a few players that are 200+ working towards a specific troop and still not getting them.

If you want to really progress keep hammering out those tasks on a single account. I am only 159 but sitting with ridiculous amounts of resources.

It’s pure luck. If you don’t have them yet, then you definitely won’t get them anytime soon with the awful update that is coming :frowning: I’m around your PS4 levels and have 2 glooms and 1 webspinner. I save up 180 gems and buy the 15 magic key chest every few days from tasks/guild tasks. That and dozens and dozens of iron keys per week(Being in #1 guild and grinding tasks). The only legendary cards I don’t have are the extremely hard ones to get like KoS and Sheggra. I’ll be damned if I get scammed and spend $60 on a card, so can only hope for good luck. Just keep using keys and playing, it’s the only way to get them.

it don’t really say hes in a guild, so joining an one that completes tasks, and such will aid in getting resources such as keys, gems and such as well as increase the amount of daily gold. I’ve got a android account and a steam account myself I’ve pulled a few legendarys off glory keys, on my smaller account i would really love on my main account; but its just the way it goes. Not sure if the weapons been released on console but its a blue/purple weapon eye of xanthoes(spelling) its a good weapon for nullifying those annoying fey creatures. if memory serves it deals for me 13dmg and steals 3 from a random stat while dealing double damage to fey creatures.

@Synergy You can link the steam and mobile versions together, and use the same account on both… but you can only choose one of the two accounts.

for myself, I’m going to answer straight to the subject of the topic : I opened chests ! Here is HOW