Event Medals don't count Mana Burn as spell damage

Platform, device version and operating system: Steam, Windows 10

Screenshot or image: https://youtu.be/wUO-DcLwSSs

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
As shown at the beginning of the video, I have 2x Medal of Nysha and 1 Medal of the North equipped. Mab is cast at 0:54 and 1:15. I would expect her to deal x2.6 damage (as Saga does at 0:58), but instead she deals her normal, unboosted damage (her current Magic + 1 from the Arcane trait + enemy mana).

How often does this happen? Always


Ignored by mods since August 2020
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Possibly because it wasn’t posted as a bug report though? :thinking:

“Feature Requests and Game feedback” has never been the best place to point out stuff that might actually be a “bug.”


Mana Burn is treated almost like a status effect. It has traits to ignore it. Basically its own thing and separate from spell dmg. Can we find anywhere where Mana Burn is treated as spell dmg? That would be a case for a bug report.


Spell reduction traits do block mana burn


I just wanted to file this bug report, so thank you!
Mana burn is not counted as spell dmg just as life steal was not counted as spell dmg.
This bug brakes the current world event, two of the best troops are useless.
Also I would like to link this here: Remove immunity to mana burn
It would be nice to use these troops to their full potential!

I have posted many things in bug reports. Those are not fixed either. It does not matter where it is posted. Unless it affects the masses and costs them real money they don't care. A few people quitting the game because they repeatedly get ignored does not matter to them. 

I felt like this probably was not a bug, but stupid nonetheless.

What’s the point of having multiple categories to get info to the devs if they don’t pay any attention anyways?

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Medals are supposed to boost spell damage. Mana Burn is a particular spell. Why the exclusion to medal boosts in either the WE or the regular battles we play? I just switched to a different deck set up, but this random spell damage exclusion to mana burn spells is, IMO ridiculous. I reported it as a bug this morning. And was sent by link to the bug forum. At least I know it wasn’t just me. (I’ve got game crashing after victory on a regular basis also., see that is posted here as well.) deep sigh…

Alas, it’s been 4 days, and this issue remains just as ignored as it was in 2020…

…meanwhile, bugs that favour the players get acknowledged within 4 hours:

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As it has always been