Event bonuses applying in Arena?

Somebody in my guild noticed that their Hero was receiving event bonuses in Arena due to the fact that they had class set to Mechanist.

First, is this correct behavior? Second, if it is, should it be?

Event bonuses have the potential to REALLY unbalance Arena. Troop bonuses are one thing since you’d actually have to get one via RNG.

But having the Hero get a bonus could be a really big problem, could it not?

Shhhh, don’t spoil a good thing.
It’s not like anyone ever knows if they’ve lost an “Arena Defense.”

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Theoretically, any class that makes your hero count as hailing from a particular kingdom that is enjoying a 25% bonus from the event week will have that benefit. Keep in mind that the Steam turret I picked in Arena today had a 50% bonus. If it applies to the other troops, why not the hero?

Well technically I don’t think event bonuses should apply to anything in Arena. Kingdom and Guild bonuses don’t.

That’s kind of the whole point of Arena after all.