How to get massive troop bonuses in Arena?

Hi folks, I just played an arena round where the enemy troops were VERY buffed up at the start, most had 20 health and armor and all had attacks between 12 and 10.

I understand the new buffs with similar creature types, but only two troops were similar. Is there a way to view your arena team like a normal invade team and tweak it somehow?

P.s. I got extremely lucky and still won the round. :smile:

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what difficulty were you playing on?

That guy must have had his kingdoms all leveled I’ll!


Is it intended that bonuses carry over to Arena?

Basic old boring easy difficulty. I wish I had taken a screenshot, I haven’t seen a team boosted like that since.

Bonuses from your invasion/defender team carry over to the arena. For example, I have a Divinion Fields team that gets plus 3 attack and plus 4 magic & the bonuses carried over to the arena.

You should look at the post about patch issues since different people have brought this problem up already.
I added a screenshot on this page to illustrate the problem of not getting any bonuses whatsoever in the Arena while your opponents do, even in normal difficulty, and from the answers, I’m not the only one.

Thanks Riversong, I first went to the PVP tab and selected defenders.
Then I went to my teams and created a new team in which I filtered my troop choices by my highest level town which is Divinion Fields at level 8.

Then I made a team with as many similar troop types I could, not caring if the team is actually any good. That team has pretty decent bonuses because of it. Then set that team as my team to defend.

Sure enough, when I went to start a new arena, the team I choose has all those bonuses I earned in my defending team. Thanks again, and I hope my process helps others get the similar bonuses .

@Crodley -Glad to be of service. Of course, now I hope I don’t run across you in the arena!

Thanks @Crodley and @RiverSong, I tried it and it worked perfectly. Not a “stable” fix, but a good roundabout while waiting for a patch. ^^

Yep, finally got a screenshot