AI class bonuses in arena?

Why does the AI get class bonuses in arena when I don’t? Is this a known issue? Is this how it’s supposed to be? Either give it to the player and the AI, or don’t give it to either. It’s totally unfair that my weapon does half the damage that the AI’s does when we’re using the same weapon.

Hi Greek-13

The Magic Bonus the AI is getting is a known issue. We have a fix coming in our next update. Unfortunately that’s still a few weeks away, sorry :frowning:

The Arena SHOULD be a perfectly level playing field for stats


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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be that way or not.

Haha! Yes, thank you!
Slept like a baby… and by that I mean I woke up every few hours screaming, and had to eventually be restrained. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I put it all down to PTSD - Post Traumatic Server Disorder


So you’re sleep-deprived and you have Post Traumatic Server Disorder ?

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Well, as @Sirrian said it’s a bug, but it should work both ways - so you should also get the magic bonus from your class. Are you sure you’re using a weapon of your class colour when you don’t?

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I might not suffer from that but i suffer from lack of forum updates.

It does appear to give my character a buff as well. It wasn’t showing the class icon, so I assumed it wasn’t giving my character a buff. But, I hadn’t been leveling up my classes as I’ve only been trying to get my 250 victories with each class before focusing on leveling them up. I guess I spoke too soon. Do you know how the arena is supposed to work after the patch? Will the player and AI both receive buffs, or will neither receive buffs?

It was always supposed to be neither. The fix should make it work like it was supposed to.