Eternal Flame team suggestions

I always looked forward to getting the Eternal Flame.
And then I did.
And now I can’t find a good feel for it on a team.
I don’t want to just stick Flame with, Alchemist, Valk, and Banshee.
But now that I think about it, I used to want Flame back when I ran with that team. So…yeah.

tastes change and so do teams.

Its good with Jarl. Any other combo with Alchemist would be fine since the two potentially form an infinite loop by themselves. Goblin Rockets, for instance, are also excellent.

Eternal Flame
Rocket Goblin

Is one of my all time favorite trio.

Jarl , Eternal , Summer Imp, Jarl was my goto team for a long time.

What the ballast is that team?! Omg please nerf the entire team!! Joking aside nice team. I don’t have access to jarl yet but if i do with eternal flame then i might run your team.

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I run it with +2 red. I will go back to it once I can finally get together the 16 Lava to open up Jarl’s 3rd trait. Although to be honest for burn to be useful you have to let the opponent have a turn and that team works best never giving the turn back up :slight_smile: