Error update, doesn't restart

I have an error message saying there is an update available with a restart game button, but when I hit the restart button, the same message keeps reappearing. What should I do?

Log out of the game entirely then back in, that should do it

If on mobile, you will have to go to the App/Play Store and update manually.

If you’ve logged in on Steam, which automatically updates, your account will have gone from 4.2.5 to 4.3, and so you won’t be able to log in on your mobile (if it’s still on 4.2.5) until you’ve updated.

What platform are you playing on @mads?

Some players are experiencing issues on the X Box One that we are investigating further. Also, older version of iOS are having issues upon launch.

Android, but my problem is solved, the update was simply not available for download when I looked in the app store, an hour later it was, I downloaded it and now it works perfectly.