Error Message after defeating Zuul'Goth

It’s a pretty rude message to get after you won the battle. I don’t know if I received credit and rewards. :thinking:

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Submit a ticket at (Maybe “technical issue” or “Missing rewards or game content”) and quote the error number.

@Kafka @CliffyA

Out of curiosity – what happened immediately prior to receiving this message, or what do you think caused it?

I’m pretty sure I Nuked Zuul’Goth with Faemarks spell, which prompted the message right after he died. Zuul’Goth had less than 100 health, it think it was 69. :slight_smile:

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Make sure you submit the ticket if you want help from Support!

Otherwise they can’t really do anything about it, aside from maybe making a note of it.

Hey, @Jonathan is right, it’s a technical issue, probably specific to your account, if you submit a ticket we’ll have a look what caused the issue and I can send you another Sigil (which can be used in the next Raid Boss event if you don’t get a chance to use it before weekly reset today).