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Epic and Legendary Weapon Rebalance Ideas

I am stuck at my campus library atm with nothing to do. Since I can’t get on GoW, I figured I make a list addressing some epic and legendary weapons that get completely overlooked due to their irrelevance to meta.

I also really hope there will be better ways for newer players to obtain older weapons soon. :wink: @Sirrian @Nimhain



  • Deal +4 additional damage in the target is injured

Chain Flail

  • Increase 9 damage to a random enemy for undead to full damage (4+magic)

Crimson Insignia

  • Decrease damage by 1
  • Change +8 damage for 10+ red to 2x damage

Frozen Soul

  • Add Freeze

Knuckle Smasher:

  • Remove all static damage
  • Increase mana cost from 12 to 15.
  • Deal (magic) damage to an enemy and both adjacent enemies.

Kris Knife

  • Decrease damage by 3
  • Increase magic steal from 2 to 4

Lost Grimore

  • Reduce mana cost from 10 to 7. It currently costs more and does less than Soothsayer.
  • The lesser rarity ones should probably be rescaled greatly too.

Nature’s Wrath

  • Add gain an extra turn if 10 or more green gems are on the board

Shadow Bringer

  • Remove the remove purple
  • Increase damage based on number of purple gems on the board 1:2’

Soul Trap

  • Change color to purple
  • Gain +5 souls for casting

Sun Chakram

  • Change +8 extra damage for daemon on enemy team to 2x damage

Sylvasi’s Blades

  • Increase mana cost by 1.
  • Reduce damage by 1.
  • Change attack steal from 2 to (magic).

Twisted Malice

  • Increase the lower end of 3 by magic, so (3+magic).


Anu’s Scepter:

  • Allow it to target blue gems

Anvil of Might:

  • Add 2x effectiveness when used on a dwarf
  • Add gain an extra turn if 10+ brown gems are on the board

Arrow of Slaying

  • Add a 25% chance to do lethal damage to the target
  • Gain 9 mana if ability kills (1/2 mana)

Basilisk Fang

  • Add 2x damage if the enemy is poisoned

Dream Catcher

  • Change fey extra damage to 2x
  • Mana drain all enemies by 3

Fiery Claw

  • Deal extra damage based on 1:3 of the target’s current health

Giant Slayer

  • Add 40% chance to cause lethal damage to giants

Holy Symbol

  • Add gain barrier

Ice Arrow

  • Add freeze

Order of Chaos

  • Reduce mana cost from 14 to 12

Null Sphere

  • Increase mana cost from 18 to 30
  • Reduce all enemies’ magic to 0
  • Silence all allies
  • Sacrifice self
  • One use per match (in case revive becomes a thing)

Pan’s Lute

  • Increase magic gain from 1 to 3


  • Deal 2x damage to beasts


  • Reduce mana cost from 14 to 7

Runic Blade

  • Gain +3 to all stats on kill

Soul Blade

  • Increase soul gain from 1 to (1 + magic at 1:2)

The Stonehammer

  • Increase mana cost from 13 to 15
  • Decrease damage by 3
  • Deal (3+magic) to a target and both adjacent enemies boosted by browns on the board (1:3)
  • Push the target to the back slot

Vile Flask

  • Completely rework the weapon to: “Destroy an enemy’s armor, poison, and cause 3 random negative status effects.”

Withering Touch

  • Reduce mana cost from 14 to 12

Feel free to comment your own changes or thoughts on the effect these changes may have. The total weapon number is close to that of total troops, so it is worth addressing. Quite a few of these are also completely trash weapons that are within the $50 bundles, so it would be good to make sure they aren’t completely horrible.


I like every single suggestion and my personal favorite:[quote=“Tacet, post:1, topic:6599”]
Arrow of Slaying- Add a 25% chance to do lethal damage to the target- Gain 9 mana if ability kills (1/2 mana)

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A lot of great ideas here.
I would also add a buff to Eggsplosion - increase the amount of gems exploded or increase the life bonus, or add an armor bonus also, or allow the life gain to be for all troops, or DRASTICALLY lower the cost from 15 green. Any of these solutions would work.

My Ideal would be:
Eggsplosion - 15 green: explode 5 gems of any chosen color - Give 4+magic life and armor to entire team.

That would be to much, would have to be flat to add both hp and armor to entire team with addition of exploding 5 gems.

ok then, give +magic life and armor to entire team

I really think some weapons and cards should be balanced by changing their abilities to scale proportionally with magic, not directly. So some should get you +1 for every two magic, and possibly some should scale +2 for ever one magic. It’s much easier to adjust that to balance instead of just making it some fixed value. (dust devil)

It might also be nice if some of the cards that are unchanged by magic used it to buff another stat instead (like Black Beast might add magic to his attack.)

I also keep wondering about a card with a power that would reduce/increase in mana cost as the battle went on.