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Can Glaives Not Be Terrible?

I’d ask which weapon is the odd one out but I went and circled it. This thing (and its green-rarity-tier counterpart) has always been bad. Right now… well… it could use a buff or two? Or six?

It doesn’t even matter what the ratio is on that boost (its 3:1 which doesn’t help).

I mean, I’m still never going to use any of these again, but someone will want to.


There are a lot of weapons that need rebalancing. The most notable useless tier weapons include:

  • All the yellow glaive weapons that do not scale off of magic
  • All of the purple weapons that do board manipulation for an absurd mana cost. (destroy 1 gem for 6 mana, etc.)
  • The red weapons that do 3 to X damage
  • And this post covering most of the others: Epic and Legendary Weapon Rebalance Ideas

Nah, it’s a typo in the name.

Should be: Glaive of Letter-opening


Hey Guys,

Thanks for letting us know. A fix for this should go out with the next week’s event.