Badly balanced weapons

I just understood how badly balanced the weapons is when 3 out of 4 weapons that uses green/blue mana that explodes gems all explodes Brown gems.

Missing opportunities as this and zero rework on weapons as well is a joke to me. Can’t tell for everyone else.


Poor Jar of Eyes. That’s what happened when players ask to nerf a weapon. Used to be cool, but now a dude.

I blame it on the NERF here NERF there players.


Jar of Eyes is more annoying than the other three just because of that “Leeching” affix.

Leeching? It creates ice storm, when it explodes brown. Meh

The icestorm usually causes it to auto-fill after exploding those brown gems, so the front troop tends to stay below full mana most of the time.

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The first cast of the ‘JoE’ weapon is fine especially when there is a dust storm running. The 2nd cast is not effective for me anymore as the board is filled with blue gems and only a few brown gems to explode. Anyway, it became a weapon for the shelves for me after the nerf.

I kinda like what they did with ‘arboreal crystal’ weapon. It creates leafstorm and explodes green gems. It makes sense to me.