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Spent 2k+ gems... To lose extra turns. 🤦

Enjoy the combination of gem sink + bad weapon upgrades.
Quality should be a priority… not quantity of new game modes.
I want to sooo badly start investing money into this game again. But I can’t support negligence.


Most of us aren’t posting that we did this because we’re embarrassed that, after Divine Protector, we didn’t more carefully read our affixes before upgrading.

I saw the one at level X and knew I didn’t want that. I thought the rule was “only the last level is the worst”. So by the time I realized VII was “create a blue gem” it was too late.


There should be the option to disable certain weapon upgrades. Yes, not downgrading, but disabling an upgrade.
Yes, any you want, after you unlocked them all. Jar of Eyes +9 ruined my plans to have fun with the weapon.


Or, ya know, make all upgrades useful.

I think in the meme I get thrown out of the window here.


Well, they should let us customize/enable or disable each update after we unlocked them all.
So, firstly, you would have to fully upgrade the weapon levels, then you would be able to enable/disable some nodes/perks.


I sympathize with the general sentiment in this thread, but I don’t have a shared experience with this one in particular. I’ve actually quite enjoyed the Icestorm talent.

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Weapons upgrades and affixes are something that we are looking into. :slight_smile:


You enjoy having multiple red gems and skulls match before you cast and yet not get an extra turn because 2 blue gems exploded the Doom skulls before the extra turn triggered? An upgrade is supposed to be a benefit to the weapon. Losing extra turns is a downgrade.


Confused - all I was saying is that I like Jar of Eyes even at +9. I haven’t upgraded Doomed Oar at all because I didn’t want to risk what you described.


Read my mail that I sent to you. I can promise that the popularity of this game would increase by 10-20% at least if you do what I am suggesting. :slight_smile:

I’m so happy for not being the only one to think this weapon looks like an oar…

Quite like the Doomed Blade, it’s usable outside of events. I’ve been having some fun with it this week.

The problem I personally found when upgrading it was making that choice to upgrade it. It scales slightly by affix, so the damage goes up a tad, a nice sort of enticement. Another enticement was freeze at upgrade 8.

At upgrade 7 is ‘watery’ - which puts 1 blue gem on the board, at upgrade 8 was quite a useful addition, ‘freeze the first enemy’ and at upgrade 9 a sort of so-so upgrade of ‘strike the first enemy’ which could have uses (barrier popping). I decided against doing Tier 7 enough times to make upgrade 10, which could have it’s uses on the odd occasion, but would probably break the alignments you seek when you cast the weapon to align red for doomskulls. With ‘watery’ however, that blue gem is appearing in your alignments regularly, breaking the chain/alignment and then handing the turn over with what would be a perfect alignment (ie the reason you cast the weapon in the first place…) back to the AI.

I’m not quite sure with the effort putting into the cost of the upgrades why no-one from the development side would actually think to put the ‘watery’ affix in, followed by freeze. You do not need to freeze to keep the turn if watery isn’t there because you will align. So this situation will cause you to lose the turn, waste the freeze and deal a better hand to the AI.

I’m glad they are looking at it and would agree we may need to help with lists of issues like this, as for sure if the next weapon in TOD has these issues with upgrades it would be counter productive to spend gems to do so.

So they will be changed? What about the people who actually like the upgrades?

I’m not just talking about this weapon as I haven’t upgraded this one yet but your reply makes it seem as though you have plans to change more than one weapon.

Hopefully only the ones that were designed whilst blindfolded :crossed_fingers:

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Especially with the doom weapons or we might throw a tempering tantrum.


i was ready to make this thread, thanx.

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I couldn’t bring myself to invest so many gems to purchase this weapon during the doom tower event. hope I don’t regret the decision.

I always suggest to at least get the weapon, the scrolls, the more expensive part of the whole deal, are bound to appear again after a rotation of six months and new weapons of each color arrive. But it’s possible that it’ll come around in some kind of offer on the shop.


I agree it’s annoying at times when u miss out on extra turns
But I use my doom blade +10 to fill my teams mana, after changing red to doom skulls, it usually chain explodes most of the board
So at least this weapon has an upside to the explodes unlike some

Historical precedent is if the devs change something about a troop, there is a temporary period in which you can get a refund on the souls and traitstones spent on that troop in case you decide it’s now not worth it. I would imagine if they dramatically change any weapon affixes, a refund of the ingots will be offered. That might add time to how long we have to wait, as I don’t imagine they predicted needing code to do so for weapons and it’s not smart to write code you don’t need.

I haven’t seen you post a pun in a long time and seeing them return made me very happy!