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Enemy was stunned yet it still triggered it's passive

I was playing the raid boss. I was down to the blue/purple troll that regens and hits and burns and a sigil crow. I had already stunned the troll negating it’s passives. Either the next or the turn after, it gets skull damage in and now I’m burning. But it didn’t Regen so it sorta cherry picked what passive it wanted to work. Seems like a outliar for a bug.

Thanks for letting us know about this. Did you happen to get a screenshot?
Are you sure it was still stunned at that point?

Wouldn’t surprise me a bug like that happens on occasion. It’s like using Skeleton Key, killing an enemy but not getting the extra turn (and no, wasn’t frozen). The game has quirks like that sometimes and this happens to be one instance.

And if it can’t heal from it’s trait then it shouldn’t be able to burn but if it did, game bugged out again…