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Enemy spells not firing?

It pains me to say this but… I’ve been in a number of battles where an enemy troop had full mana & ought to have cast, but instead of casting the spell–or even taking a four gem match–the AI took a three match and handed control to me.

There was one example–a Maw/Mercy team with the most perfect board setup, just a whole row of yellow and purple gems one after another, would have made for an instant Maw cast. The Empowered Mercy didn’t cast (!!!), I got the board and averted disaster.

This was so crazy I’ve been on the lookout for other examples.

I just had a Crimson Bat/Soothsayer team where the Empowered Soothsayers waited a couple of turns to cast & then the pumped-up Bat, once it had full mana & could have killed one of my troops with a cast, took a 3-match & gave me the chance to kill it first.

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The AI rides the shortbus to school. Every. Single. Day.

Never learns a thing either.


Was the enemy frozen? They’ll avoid taking 4s sometimes when that color is frozen.

I know enemy Mercy is pretty stupid about her spell. I have definitely seen that before. I don’t think the AI does much of a what-if with conversion spells (or else Alc-Valk-Banshee would be killer in the AI).

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No, not frozen–this was at the very start of the match. The AI’s first turn. Usually the ‘stupid AI’ is more likely to cast an Empowered spell early than sit on it, right?

Same with those Soothsayers. Just… hangin’ out for a while. Biding their time. Not casting.

I’ve never seen a non-frozen AI ignore a 4-match in lieu of anything else, so that’s a first for me. I have definitely seen the AI hang on to spells a lot longer than is prudent (and also sometimes to fire one too early).

I hear the console experience is different with regard to enemy AI, and it will sometimes forego 4-matches. Someone who plays on console will have to confirm or deny, I play on PC/mobile only.

on the color changers, there seems to be a thresh hold before it will cast or a number of rounds until cast… at least thats what it seems to me

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Never seen the AI miss a 4-match?

Is the AI flawless on PC?

On occasion the AI does not take a 4 match on console. I believe this is when it does not “see” the 4 match is possible. For example, on the players turn with auto suggest turned on, the console will recommend a 3 match when a 4 match is available.

I have this problem on occasion where the ai has a filled spider swarm or something else filled and will not cast.

The AI is better on consoles, but what @kzintiwife mentioned and this situation I’ve seen a few times.

Color changers and more powerful spells have occasionally been passed up in order to pick up a 3-match instead. I’m not sure of the requirements for this to occur, but I’ve been very thankful when it happens.

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I can confirm the AI is superior on pc compared to console. On console you can almost close your eyes and still win :relieved:

Yup. Aside from Frozen cases, I have not seen the AI pass up a 4-match in thousands of games. If it can happen, it’s in scenarios I have yet to encounter.

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I see it pass up match 5s all the time does that count?

I have only ever seen the pc ai miss a match 4 once. Very rare.
In comparison I see the console miss a match 4 all the time.

Have noticed troops not using there spell on both console and pc though.

I’ve only played a bit on PC, mostly console. But the AI seems amount the same, minus the missed 4 matches on console.

However, this AI limitation is completely offset and then some as you level up and rank up your Kingdoms to 1 & 5 gold stars. On the console the AI gets double bonuses, for itself AND your personal Kingdom bonuses. (per the Devs this bug will be fixed in the future).

So its kind of hard to compare now right now…

I play 50/50. Prefer console for the tasks but looks like the devs are gonna mess that one up.

Well a flawless AI is balanced by the Combo Breaker, something the Consoles had disabled on us.

Even on easy, the AI gets extreme cascades the player can only wish they can get


I’ve played on my friends ps4 and XBox1 and the AI on those systems get picked up at their doorstep strapped into a helmet, triple seatbelted in, and the bus drive .5 miles an hour to carefully transport this “special” two buildings down for school consisting of a couple hours of PBS to keep their attention then they do everything in reverse to get back home where the AI is likely to get lost navigating the hallway from its bedroom to the potty. This special AI acts in a manor that is plain weird, not matching 4 of a kind skulls, matching a 3 of a kind color match instead, taking 5 of a kinds and matching them as 3 of a kinds, refusing for what ever reason to match a skull match, sitting on full mana and matching a color they can’t use instead… I gotta stop talking now, AI has feelings too

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On Consoles the AI will “give up” when it’s one Skull hit or Spell cast from death.

It will flat out ignore Skulls, and it will even SET UP ways to lose if it thinks there is no hope.

Ai gives up hope? That is one strange ai. I mean if it has feelings is it ai any more?