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AI dumbing down?

Is it just me or is the AI getting dumb now?
More than once now, instead of firing off it’s ready-ability, it went off to match a random 3-gem instead…

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It’s just you.

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Yeah, if anything I’ve noticed AI transformers like Alchemist and Valkyrie being even more clever/lucky than they were before the 2.0 patch.


What is your player level? This could shed some light on ai’s game play.

On PC, it will do that if the best color match has a frozen troop associated with it.

On Console, CPU is random like that even with combo breaker off.

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Additionally, on PC, the AI will sometimes hold a spell rather than fire it if some nebulous prerequisites aren’t met. For example, it’ll hold onto transformation spells if there aren’t enough of that color already on the board. (And then when it does fire, it randomly picks a color, so the odds of it getting a 4-match are lower than they probably should be…)


OK, I’m on PC.
I guess that explained things then

Also depending on your level ai can make mistakes.

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I’ve noticed this! And it was very bizarre!

I’m glad it’s not just me.

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I’ve noticed this too but most time it’s because of the troop that will collect the gems (whatever colour) is frozen. It’s my assumption anyway.

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Besides all this I noticed the AI leaves 4-gems on the board and matches other 3-gems instead, never seen this before but this week.

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Like mentioned previously, a Frozen troop treats 4 matches like 3 matches if a troop of that color is frozen.

They’ll still target 5+ matches because of mana surge though, regardless of status.

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I’d like to add that I have the feeling the AI gets a lot less lucky combos.


Using the frozen effect maybe?
AI can do some real dumb move when facing frozen.
But, yes, sometimes, AI will (seemingly) randomly ‘waste’ a turn with a 3- match when it could do better with its spells…